Sunday, August 30, 2009

I apologize (Originally posted on 11-14-05)

I apologize for mistreating you and being inconsiderate of your feelings. I apologize for not listening to you and going against your advice when I knew you were right. I apologize for knowing your worth but ignoring it. I apologize for putting you through unnecessary bullshit time and time again. I apologize for making you cry. I apologize for isolating you when what you really needed was the comfort of others. I apologize for disrespecting you repeatedly. I apologize for ridiculing you. I apologize for trying to destroy your spirit. I apologize for not honoring you. I apologize for being impatient. I apologize Nicole, for not loving you as much as you need, as hard as you need, as deep as you need as often as you need. I apologize Nicole, for allowing others to mistreat you, defeat you, use you, make a fool of you. I apologize Nicole, for not saying what needed to be said when it needed to be said. I apologize for not doing what needed to be done when it needed doing. I apologize for it all and I promise you that from here on out...things will be different. I love you Nicole.

Sometimes in order to move on, in order to facilitate healing, in order to forgive ourselves....we need to apologize to ourselves. We need to remember to love and honor ourselves. We need to recognize the divine in ourselves. We need to fall in love with ourselves at the crack of each dawn and love ourselves well past dusk. We need to recognize our own worth and never forget it. Love yourself today. Love yourself every day like that day is going to be the last day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I hate swine...the subhuman kind (Originally posted 11-8-05)

Is it just me or are all black people paranoid when it comes to cops? This morning while driving to work, there were cops every damn where. Now even though I hadn’t done anything, I felt guilty and afraid that without warning these dirty pigs were going to swoop down on me with merciless fury. I know that’s a little melodramatic….call it echoes from my revolutionary past life experiences. I don’t know but being in close proximity to cops makes my blood run cold. Behind my eyes I see the bullet riddled bodies of innocent men, women and children gunned down by crooked cops. I see the five-o directing fire hoses at peaceful demonstrators, children being tasered to the ground, billy clubs cracking black skulls open. Okay I know this is bordering on morbid so I’ll stop with the descriptions. The point is, I don’t trust or like cops. I never met a decent cop.

I dated a narcotics dick for a couple months last year and he was as crooked as they come. He openly admitted to me that he planted evidence on suspects, shook down drug dealers and confiscated money seized from raids. I was with him when he got the call that 5 of his equally crooked buddies were arrested by internal affairs. He was afraid they were going to snitch on him. He was also obsessed with me. He would call me 30 and 40 times a day asking me where I was and what I was doing, he always wanted to know what I was wearing...shit, on our fist date he masturbated my ring finger and told me I was "The One" and that he needed to get something to keep my finger warm. Talk about crazy. Oh, he was also in the army. I was afraid of his crazy ass. One night he got really drunk and tried to rape me. I knew if he succeeded there was no way I could go to the police because he's one of them, no one would ever believe me...

He was drunk as hell that night and acting stupid. He was also pissed because we'd been going out for a while (he considered 5 weeks a while) and I wouldn't have sex with him. I should have seen it coming. The man was so damn drunk that he could barely stand up but I swear he was like He-Man or some shit. We were lying on the bed (fully clothed) in his rec room watching Eddie Murphy dvd's. He started rubbing on me and trying to kiss me. I was not in the least amused or aroused. I still don't know why I decided to stay when I realized how wasted he was. Perhaps it was because he begged me...I like when they beg. At any rate, drunk as he was, I had to fight him off for over 5 minutes. The part that scared me was after he passed out from the struggle, I got up and took his gun out of the holster on the floor and put the muzzle to his head. Never in my life had I so strongly desired nor been so close to killing anyone. I swear I wanted to splash his brains all over that fucking room. But I didn't. That's life in prison if you murder a narc, maybe even death. I dropped the gun and just left. I didn't report it either. The next day he called me sounding nice as pie and asked me why I'd left. He didn't remember a damn thing. So I told him that he almost died that night and if he knew what was good for him he'd stay the fuck away from me.

He continued to call me every day 20-30 times a day for the next 2 weeks. I still look over my shoulder sometimes. But I digress….I cannot stand cops. Not just because of my limited personal experiences with them, but also because of all the things I have seen and heard. They are not to be trusted. Few of them are even human beings anymore. Just badges, guns and bad attitudes. God be with the next black man they pull over for "reasonable cause". We should all have dash mounted camcorders for our own safety.

Ignorance...bliss? (Originally posted 10-24-05)

Though I saw, I made myself blind. Though I heard, I made myself deaf. Will I continue in ignorance that isn't ignorance that lacks bliss or will I tuck the hurt in my back pocket, say fuck it and kick rocks to a new destination? Metaphorically speaking of course. I have this queasy, ugly, funky feeling in the pit of my stomach. Why? Why must people/things be so complicated? Why, when things can be simple, and lovely, and whole, and right do people have to go and fuck it up? People should either be straight up or take their crooked asses to the next jawn. Don't hold on to what you have because you're waiting for something better to show up...just let that shit go. Shit why am I even asking why? I have the power to let the shit go...but I hesitate. Why? Is it really that deep? Is it really worth hanging on? How long do I have to wait for it to get better, for the bullshit to stop stinking, for the deceit to stop deceiving? I swear I've been trying. I've been so good, so true, so "perfect", just not perfect enough. I say the words and mean them. I touch and feel it. I give and give and give and give until it hurts and then I turn around and give some gotdamn more. What do I get in return? A metaphorical knife in the gotdamn back. The world is a small place you know. Made smaller by virtue of the internet. Some muthufuckas should think about that when they say and do what they say and do. But let me slow my roll, turn my frown upside down and....take this back, back, back, back. The man that angers you conquers you. People only do to you what you allow them to. What's done in the dark comes to light. Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me. What you sow; so shall you reap. If it ain't right; it's wrong. Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. What to do? Fuck this.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back from Michigan! (Originally posted 10-10-05)

I had a fantastic time in Michigan boyeeeee!!!! I got to reconnect with some good people, eat some good food, see a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan, walk with the spirits, rest, relax and release. The house we stayed in was right on the lake and I could hear the waves kissing the shore from my bedroom.  

The neighbors were soooooo friendly, it was all love, it really was. The highlight of the trip though was reconnecting with Hannah and Senam. They have good good girlfriend potential for real. Senam is such a light.    

 I cannot get over how beautiful and wise her spirit is. Because of her I will honor myself more.  Hannah is one of the realest rawest women I have ever met. She takes no shit and she tells the truth straight up no chaser (much like me) and I love her for it. I also forgot how fun Mikey could be (I need to stop calling a 30 year old man Mikey, lol). Mike is one of the coolest muthufuckas I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He treats my anti-social ass better than I deserve.

It was such an honor and pleasure to be in the company of such wonderful people. All of our children were there too (6 in all) and when they weren't bickering they had a great time too.

 We roasted marshmallows over a bonfire (actually it was a fire in the barbecue pit the first night because there was no dry wood for a bonfire on the beach), we barbecued, we frollicked on the beach and collected some beautiful rocks, we played board games, Senam, Hannah and I had a powow on the balcony while watching the waves and sky, we did some stargazing, and just generally had a great time.

Now it was supposed to be couples and kids but Hannah's significant other coulnd't make it and the dude I'm "seriously" dating and brought along damn near ruined the trip for me...damn near, but no cigar. Despite his bullshit, I had a grrrrrrrrrrreat time! Mike says we're gonna do it again come the dead of winter, but this time it will be couples children. I don't know, I might wind up flying solo for that one.

Aside from all that, I took some really beautiful pictures but forgot to pack my notebook (sad face). I can't wait to go back and I will Mos Def stop being so anti-social. Maybe I'll have a get together at my house....a football party or something. Invite the crew over to chill and make merry. We'll see.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a disaster (Originally posted 10-6-05)

That last blog? Fuck it! All those good words wasted on a jackass. Here's what happened when we got together...

He called me Sunday, 10-2-05, at the last minute so we could meet downtown for lunch...on the same day. I was lounging in bed watching football when I got the call. He didn't know where he wanted to meet, didn't know what he wanted to eat and didn't give me an exact time to be there. I jumped out of bed anyway and rushed to get ready...I even wore a short ass skirt because he likes to look at my legs. He gives me a random ass location to meet him and I comply. Now when I get there after speeding and worrying about speeding tickets and trying like crazy to find a park what do you think he says/does? This muhfucka had the nerve to cop a funky attitude! Okay, so I was a little late, but how's about a little gratitude? How's about, I'm glad you made it safely? Something. Nah, this muhfucka is mad. Do you know for the first hour we were together he hardly spoke four complete sentences to me? I'm not known for my patience, actually I'm known for being highly impatient and going off with little provocation, but this day Gandhi and Mother Theresa would have been proud of me.

I wanted to cuss him the fuck out but that's why we stopped speaking before. So I held my tongue and played nice. It didn't matter though because the nicer I was the more of an asshole he became. I was ready to dump my food in his lap by the time the waitress came back with our order. Suffice it to say I never finished lunch. I couldn't choke the food down because of the lump of rage in my throat. So we left. Despite all this I swear I missed him like crazy, I really did. So on the way back to my car I got in what I knew would be a last feel on his ass and a few kisses on those beautiful lips. I squeezed his man titts too, lol, pudgy bastid. He'd put on at least 15 pounds. And that's on top of the 30 extra he was already carrying. What can I say, I like fat boys.

Anyway, he drove me back to my car and as I made to transfer from his automobile to mine I told him I loved him...and I meant it. Though he's a fat fucking asshole and reminds me of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, he's also a sweetheart and we had a great time together in the past. I loved his spirit, our conversations, his ability to deify me, his lips, mind, the way he reacted to my touch, etc. I love him but I can't stand him. Anyway, he smiled and prepared to respond to my declaration of amore but I closed the door on him. I'd had enough. Yesterday (Wednesday, 10-5-05) he called me. It began as a random chat but then he got serious and said we needed to talk. I just laughed. He told me he couldn't get involved with me because his career would suffer (this shit again). This time I stiffled my laugh and told him I certainly didn't want to interfere with his career. He proceeded to tell me how great I was, blah, blah, blah, but I stopped listening after he said career.

I don't know why he felt the need to call me and have this arbitrary conversation, because after the fiasco on Sunday (which was his way of breaking things off), I was done with his ass anyway. He prattled on for another couple minutes and told me that we should remain friends. Not even trying to mask my sarcasm, I said sure, that's cool. I mean really? I had and have no intention of speaking to him again let alone being his damn friend. After we disconnected...again, I immediately deleted all his contact info, pictures, everything. I blocked his e-mail addresses too. This time I don't feel bad. I don't feel too much of anything actually. Is it possible to feel nothing after feeling so much of something for someone you claimed to have loved? I wasn't in love with him but I did love him. Or did I? Shit I don't know. Maybe I just loved how he made me feel. Who cares now anyway. He inspired me to write some good pieces though. I will miss having a muse more than anything. What I won't miss is the game playing.

Other than that....I'm going to Michigan this weekend with a bunch of friends and their kids. It's going to be cold as a witch's tit but I'm looking forward to it. I'm tired of writing now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to "Mr. Wonderful" (Originally posted 9-22-05)

For Real though, you are The Sweetest Thing I've ever known. I never should have gone off on you. I apologize. I was being selfish and impatient and inconsiderate. I acted impulsively. I know. I banished you but I wanted the exact opposite. I crave your presence...I mean truly crave it. When you're around, I breathe you. I'm addicted to you. I don't need to touch you...being able to absorb you with my eyes is enough. But touching you...touching you is exquisite; like a divine visit on each and every one of my ten digits. You make me hungry.

This may sound strange but...I kept all of the voicemails you've ever left me. When we fell out, I listened to them. Sometimes I smiled and laughed as I listened and other times listening to them made me sad. After our spat, I didn't think I'd ever talk you again. I just knew you hated me. But you don't. After weeks of no speaking, you made contact. I was shocked. You've missed me...maybe as much as I've missed you...maybe more. I laughed out loud. My heart beat rapidly in my chest and I felt a great weight lift. I immediately remembered that I'd I thrown your shirt in the garbage. I also deleted all your numbers (so I wouldn't weaken and call you). I kept your pictures though. I want to see you. I know you said we need to take baby steps, but baby, I would step off the end of the earth if I could just see your smile again.

I miss you. I think Dante sent you. A long time ago I asked him to send me someone who he thought would make me happy. You make me happy...when you're not pissing me off. You know I'm spoiled and you refuse to cater to me. That's aggravating, but I know you're only doing it because you want to help me evolve. I dreamt about you last night. We were lying in your bed talking. Your finger was teasing my you still love my lips? I still love yours. We talked about Germany and New York. We talked about your divorce and mine. We talked about the time we made out on the giant birthday cake at the sculpture park. I can't drive past that place without thinking about you. I touch myself and think of you. You are the only person that appreciates the softness of my skin more than I do. I miss the way you say my name. I miss your laugh. I miss your serious face. I miss your friendship...I miss that most of all. Soon...I hope that we can get together soon. Maybe dinner or just go for a walk. I just want to be in your presence. Soon.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dante dearly departed soul mate (Originally posted 9-16-05)

Dante. Not a day goes by without thoughts of him flitting through my mind. He was the love of my life. No one loved me deeper or better than he did. Not even my ex-husband loved me so well as Dante. He's my Alpha/Omega love. Perhaps that's why I have so much trouble with dating and relationships. I'm comparing everyone I meet to a ghost. They will never measure up. Sometimes I miss him so much it causes physical pain. Today is one of those days where I am missing him more than usual. I don't really talk about him to others anymore because they all tell me that dwelling on him is unhealthy. I'm pretty sure it is but I can't seem to help myself. He's been gone almost 5 years now. In all that time I have fallen deeply in like with a few men but nothing akin to what Dante and I had. He was incredible. He died suddenly of a heart defect that no one knew of. I wrote something for him. I'm gonna visit him sometime this weekend and read it to him. When I have "relationship" malfunctions, I find that I miss Dante more. In my dark moments thoughts of Dante give me comfort. Those same thoughts also inspire melancholy though. I mean, he was my soul mate, I know this with every fiber of my being, and now he's gone. What am I supposed to do? I feel like now that he's gone there can be no one else for me. Soul mates are forever right? That certainly explains why I've experienced so many failed attempts at relating to other men. They are not "The One". "The One" is gone forever. Could this fatalistic attitude also be the cause of my failures? Perhaps. My soul mate been called to glory before me. Can you imagine living the rest of your life alone because your soul mate has passed away? Let's ponder the ramifications of that scenario. A soul mate by its very definition is a partner whose soul is intertwined with your own. This person is connected to you on a cosmic/spiritual level. What happens if they pass away? Physically, they are gone from you. What about spiritually? I'm a very spiritual person, not religious at all, but very spiritual. Not spiritual in the traditional sense either. I am not a christian and I do not hold to christianity (or any other western religions). Religion was created by man but spirituality is intrinsic. But I digress. On a spiritual level, Dante is still with me. I feel his presence...I know he's with me. I've often wondered if by pining away for him the way I do am I keeping him from being at rest. It's possible. It's quite possible, in fact highly probable that I drive away perfectly good suitors by pining away for a man that I can never again physically have. By tying his spirit to my own, I ensure that he has no rest and I also ensure that I cannot connect to anyone else spiritually. What a conundrum. How does one rectify a spiritual/metaphysical problem of this nature? Perhaps I've held on this long because I've not felt like I had closure with him. I mean he died so suddenly and I didn't go to the funeral. I feel guilty. Maybe I allow myself to stew in guilt because it's my way of serving penance (though I'm not a catholic) for giving him hell. I know I need to forgive myself and know that in his position, holding a grudge is neither important nor possible (or is it?). But he wasn't a grudge holding person. He was not petty nor was he mean spirited. I need to let him go for both our sakes. But it's hard. Quite the dilemma. I'm going to post the piece I composed for him. I was weeping as I wrote this. Not crying, but weeping. There's a fundamental difference.

Tonight I cried

My soul shed tears because you lied

You promised me forever but then you died

I spent today in a haze walking from place to place searching for traces of you in the faces of strangers

I'm in danger of falling apart

When you departed you took my heart to your grave

I'm constantly trying to stave off the sadness of your loss but madness is creeping up on me and it's costing me my sanity

My speech is laced with profanity and I wear a cloak of vanity to conceal my true hopelessness

My life is a series of messes and I can confess this because you know anyway, you see me and the things I go through for lack of having you

You were one of the best things to ever happen to me but now that you're gone my soul droops lower than our favorite Weeping Willow tree

I'm convinced there's no one else for me

An integral part of me died when you left this Earth and now I ask the rising sun if the light is worth spying if it doesn't shine on you lying next to me

I miss studying your sleeping face in expectancy of your eyes fluttering up, your hand reaching to cup my chin as you draw me in for a good morning kiss

Damn I miss you

I get so pissed at you

It's been almost 5 years since you left but I swear sometimes I still cry so hard that I can't catch my breath

Your death was the end of the me I knew, what good is life if I have to live it without you?

I know you wouldn't want me to despair but I swear, sometimes I find it's just so hard to keep in mind it was your time to leave

I can't conceive of another man taking your place

I don't want to look in the face of another and not see you...I need you

But you're gone

I can't believe you're really gone

I'm tired of trying to carry on without you, I wish I could stop thinking about you

Damn I miss you

I'm so pissed at you

You left me all alone

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Bornday Reflections (Originally posted 9-7-05)

As borndays sucked I guess. I mean I was stood up by three people, only two people from my family called me (one was my mother because it was her birthday too) and only one of my so-called friends called me. Suffice it to say, I was upset. In retrospect, I guess there's so much going on in the world right now...who really cares about my bornday. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, me being alive one more year doesn't really matter to anyone but me, my children and my mother. Unless of course, I commit a heinous crime or make a startling contribution to society. The highlight of my bornday was when my Sun and daughter strung up banners throughout the house while I was in my room napping. When I awoke I was quite surprised and touched to see the messages of love and appreciation hanging on walls and from the arches of doorways. What wonderful, considerate, kind, creative, industrious little people I am producing. On this day when no one else bothered or remembered to extend a kind word my way...they did. They are all that really matter. Not having a roomful of friends and family share in the celebration of my making it through another year or even receiving gifts that I'd probably hate anyway. My Sun and daughter are my legacy...the only pieces of me that will remain when my body gives out and my spirit transitions. They are the greatest gifts I could ever receive from and give to the universe. I pledge to ensure that my seeds are free and strong in mind and spirit. They are the reason for my bornday. The only reason. It was a great bornday after all.

Oh, and I've decided that once I have 2-3 inches of new growth I'm shearing the tresses and I'm changing my name. It is time to shed the last vestiges of my mental enslavement. I am tired of physically endorsing eurocentric beauty standards. I am tired of this european name. I am tired of destroying my African hair with poisonous chemicals. I am tired of denying my Afrikanity in favor of eurocentricity. By God, I aim to be free of those that oppress me and my people. White is not right. Black is not evil. Straight hair is not good hair. Khadijah is not a ghetto name. I'm gonna be nappy and happy. Don't call me black either. There is no country called black. There is no language called black. I did not descend from blacks...I am descended of AFRICANS. Slave and free, those that walked on African soil and those that soaked the ground of ameriKKKa with their blood and sweat. I am the dream realized. I embody Marcus Garvey's hopes, I epitomize Kwame Ture's fire, I am that which Huey and Bobby fought for. Through me Patrice, Assata, Haile, Fred, Sojourner, Harriet, Nzinga, Shaka, Imhotep, etc will live. I am the dream realized. Fuck you self-hatred!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 win some & you lose some (Originally posted 8-26-05)

Well Friday is drawing to a I relieved? Not sure yet. This has been one of the longest weeks this month but it was very productive so I'm not complaining. I'm in love with my job again. For a while I seemed to be burned out, all the misery and hard luck stories were getting to me, not to mention the ignorant mofo's that were cussing me out. Despite the miserly pay, the long hours and lack of recognition, I love what I do. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping those in need. Interesting observation, this year at least 3 0f my clients are white. Last year Maybe 8 of my clients were white. Only 2 are hispanic this year compared to the 10 hispanic last year. The majority are young, black single mothers. I wish black males would do more for their children...we're in a state of emergency.

At any rate, soon I'll be back to volunteering for the Salvation Army. They usually have one big campaign and two or three small ones during the Autumn/Winter months. I'm looking into volunteering at a soup kitchen called Soup at Six also. Volunteer work makes me feel better because it takes the focus off my personal miseries and failures. Like the whole "Mr. Wonderful" fiasco. As it turns out, he wasn't so wonderful after all. In my weaker moments I think about his scent, smile and the way he touched me....then I remember he's a fucking asshole. Okay, it wasn't all him, but it was mostly him. I recognize my faults though. I'm selfish, self-absorbed, self-involved, vain, temperamental, impatient, arrogant, mean, insecure, defensive, cynical, cold, calculating, prideful, anal, etc. I acknowledge my shortcomings though and vow to rectify them all...eventually. On the other hand I can be loving, gentle, sweet, humorous, thoughtful, gracious, humble, generous, selfless, compassionate, etc. A complete contradiction right? I know. My Yahoo ID was aptly chosen. I'm not all bad though. Most of the guys I break up with always tell me that I'm really sweet and kind and that one day some man will count himself lucky to have me. That always makes me laugh. I mean, if all they say is true then why are we breaking up? I already know the answer though. Whatever.

I came across "Mr. Wonderful's" undershirt tonight. The scent of him is still makes me angry and sad to smell it. I really liked this one. Out of all the dudes I'm seeing right now, he was my favorite. Now the thrill I got from dating is gone. Speaking of thrills, "O" called me at 3 this morning. He was drunk as hell and acting silly. He hasn't done that in a while. He was jealous of "Mr. Wonderful". He thinks that I belong to him and he resents the fact that I was so taken with "Mr. Wonderful". I told him he had his chance and now his reign is over. He said, "whatever, I've permanently engraved my name on you, you belong to me". He's funny, lol. Sad, selfish, cowardly man. I love him though. That man still owns prime real estate in my heart...*sigh*

My birthday is swiftly approaching and I'm wondering what I'll do. I'm not excited but I'm not dreading it either. Birthdays lose their meaning after the landmark ages (16, 18, 21, and 25). I plan to have a Dirty 30 party when I turn 30 though. Saturday I'm gonna drive out to South Holland and visit my little sister, niece, nephew and grandparents. It's been a while since I've been out that way. With the cost of gas at $2.86 for regular, I can hardly afford to be driving to damn near Indiana and back all the time. I miss them though. Well I'm gonna wrap this up with one of my favorite pieces. This was a MSN Messenger Keystyle (cyber freestyle) by me and a friend of mine named Qayyim. This brotha is mad deep and dear to my heart. Enjoy!


AlMalik says:
The GOD rather build with the Chi-Town Queen // than deal with another Gucci Queen with good coochie // feel more satisfied after sharing thoughts with Nik // then sticking a thick chick built to strip shaking 4 tips // emotional revolution // inspirational vision // motivation from the words U be saying

Nicki says:
saying what's in the heart and not in my head bcuz i'm sitting at work thinking about lying in bed, i'd rather be at home being loved from my head to my feet then sitting at my desk looking at print outs of spreadsheets, been so long since i've really been touched and not just felt up, i'm trying to hold out for a man who makes my heart swell up

AlMalik says:
Unbelievable sometimes // how you glisten and shine // so mentally inclined and culturally refined // recognize that our people divine // never content with common content // like me // see-me, I see you challenge western thoughts // create your own path // knowledge of self // and self worth // mentally the earth self fertilized

Nicki says:
fertilized by truth and pruned of lies/i despise those that close their eyes 2 the conspiracy of oppression/instead of learning from the lesson they keep guessing and getting wrong answers/shucking and jiving like black face dancers/they perform 4 payment from those that enslave us/but bling and designer fits can't save us/material possessions don't make us, the hard labor didn't break us/we can't let greed and ignorance take us/we must trust that there's more 4 us/the door is before us, we have but to walk through it/destiny awaits we just have to pursue it

AlMalik says:
Outspoken about the lies so many others afraid to tame // but still maintain a stable mind frame // beyond your physical frame // havent we crossed paths in the past // feel reunited with the heart of my essence // through the pleasure you deliver like the blue fluid from my heart // howd it all start // cant believe you make me wanna share my dreams // make you a franchise player on my team /open with thoughts and feelings like a grand canyon ravine // nahmean // never even seen the Chi-Town Queen in front of me // close enough to hear her breathe // voice remains a mystery // but ya words are soft enough to make a strong enough impact // to pass barriers put up to protect what you so easily touch

Nicki says:
touch and tease my intellect with your verbal caress and inherent respect....of my femininity/your words give life to my spirit in direct relation to your masculinity/we are the most divine of all divinity/our souls entwined from now until infinity.....U and I 4ever building 2gether/traisping through the concrete jungles in fair and stormy weather/freeing other minds and making sick souls better/a 4 page letter cannot explain all the thoughts my brain contains/i'm trying to make this plain and clear as day/i dig U and all U have 2 say/i thought i was the only 1 that thought this way....i'm glad i'm not alone/the way u express yourself makes me feel safe and at home/like a queen on a throne/like i'm your flesh and you're my bone

AlMalik says:
From the Chi to NY // we trade verses like Kanye and Hov, better yet Common and Talib // yeah // back and forth // Mid-West to East Coast // leading the revolution b/c most of our people is savages // rather live for nothing than die for a better life // branded cattle // 400 years to break chains // to replace them with diamond studded hand cuffs // its not enough to leave the hood // Southside, Wild hundreds or Brownsville and Bed-Stuy // our children are the future // which looks dim // when they in and out the prison system

Nicki says:
prison systems systematically attack ours/attract ours with the comfort of structure behind prison bars/the enraged psyches of our afrikan men caged/their manhood disengaged by those afraid of their power/i'm waiting for the day, yes the very hour when afrikans erupt....brimming over like full cups/ready to fight passionately against a system corrupt and hell bent on our destruction and extinction/but our destiny is manifest and calling out for completion...yes let's not rest until we've done our best to reclaim former glory/revoke his-story and invoke our story....we are meant to reign as the gods of this earth/greatness was instilled in us at birth/a lifetime of slavery cannot decrease our worth....we bear treasures untold.....we have but to allow our supremacy to unfold

AlMalik says:
A throne cant hold all the power of your essence // my flesh burns with the fire of desire // to obtain everything my mind cant grab // they stole it, but we must return it // its not a joke or gimmick // history is his story // television still telling lies to our children // desensitizing them to violence and killing // using abortion as genocide wonder why our babies playing with heavy metal // radio stations programming more than responsible

Nicki says:
responsible, unconquerable, with an unquenchable desire to be unstoppable yet steady/these weak fools ain't ready, they overdone like overcooked spaghetti/our seeds will bear fruit and crush their roots, destroy the destroyer that seeks to pollute our air/they try to deciper our serpentine hair and deep science/they try to trick us into compliance with the new world order's aliance...but we see through their deception/our knowledge ingrained since our inception....wisdom hidden beyond their detection/listen to the inflection in my words/my speech takes flight like exotic birds fleeing to freedom beyond this place/landing on the face of god and then being born like lightning in thunder storms/this ain't the norm, it's beyond their understanding/they're the legions of ignorant and we're officers of the highest ranks/we bomb them with verbal missiles from mental tanks.

Ha! We're awesome!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Did I miss something? (Originally posted 8-22-05)

I received one phone call from him this weekend (Saturday night) and we spoke for two minutes. He said he would call me back but he never did. Did I miss something? Am I reading too much into this? Now there have been other questionable moments but I ignored them because I just didn't give a shit then. I mean, I had other things going on with other people so I wasn't concerned about his inconsistent behavior. But things are different now. Is this payback? I mean, now that I've decided to make an emotional investment is shit gonna blow up in my face? Now I didn't just decided Thursday to invest, it's actually been an ongoing process, but Thursday was the catalyst. This is what I was afraid of...the not knowing part. This makes me want to leave him a voicemail saying never speak to me again. Afterwards I'll delete and block his numbers and pretend he never existed. That's the coward in me. That's why I keep all my relationships shallow...can't get hurt if you don't care. Anyway, I don't think I'm going to see him today. I figure if we were to see each other, he'd have made contact by now. I'm sliding back into my fuck 'em mode (it doesn't take much). If he calls I'm not going to answer the phone. As a matter of fact, I'm just gonna go out with someone else. Fuck 'em. It's not like he's my man.

In other news...I had a conversation with my ex-husband today. It was a good conversation. We didn't argue or get mad at each other...we had a nice civilized conversation. He knows me better than anyone else on earth. He says I'm too cold, distant and unforgiving. I agreed with him. He also said that when I'm nice I'm too nice. Again, I concurred. He told me I should stop playing games and settle down. I didn't agree with that. I don't play games I just keep my options open. He remarried and had a new baby and I think that's good for him...but I'm not sure I want to remarry. I mean most marriages fail anyway. What's the point? Ultimately I'd like to have an exclusive companion but I'm not sure if that's in the cards.

Other than "Mr. Wonderful" being shady, I had a great weekend. I got to relax, see a bunch of movies, eat some good food, chill with some cool people, have my ego stroked and I found two cute pieces for my Autumn collection. Also, I'm almost finished with Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization...this book is extraordinary! I'll Mos Def reread it. That's all for now.