Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sleepless Night, Sleepless Mind Part 2

It seems that the more I change the more I stay the same. On Tuesday, September 18, 2007, just two days after the 3 month mark of my relationship, my boyfriend dumped me. I have mixed feelings about the break up. On the one hand, I understand why he did it, I really do. I deserved to be dumped for the shit I pulled...I really do. But on the other hand, don't people do dumb shit in relationships all the time? I wish I'd never done what I did. I wish I had trusted him. I wish I'd never confided in his backstabbing ass friend. I wish so many things.

It's September and my heart is broken for the second time this year. A part of me wishes I could blink out of existence. I wish I could stop crying. I wish my head and heart would stop hurting. I wish I could sleep.