Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I don't know about anyone else out there in personal style land, but being tall and somewhat slender, I have the hardest time finding cute quality jeans that hit my ankle and coats/jackets/long sleeved shirts that hit my wrist. I've had this problem since I started high school and it hasn't gotten that much easier in my wonder years. I have extremely long arms (27 inches to be exact) and a 36 inch inseam (mama long legs is one of my many monikers). That being said, imagine my delight when I came across a website called Make Your Own Jeans. *

Make Your Own Jeans allows you to customize your jeans from the rooter to the tooter. Whether you're sky high tall or prettily petite, Make Your Own Jeans tailor makes your jeans to fit you like a glove. The best thing about this company/website, is that they also deliver up custom made leather jackets. Can you freaking believe that!?! I cannot tell you how many times I have left a store disappointed because the cute leather jackets I eyed and tried didn't fit me right. Now with my discovery, I can have a jacket made to fit my long lean arms right to the wrist. I am squealing right now because I am so freaking happy, lol.

Another great thing (as if you need more) is the customization process itself. When customizing your jeans, you can choose a jegging fit, loose fit, bootcut fit, etc. You can choose premium or regular denim, there are loads of washes and whiskering effects to choose from and you can even have custom pocket embroidering, studs and other bells and whistles. You can even have a pair of your own jeans cloned! Seriously, if you live in the United States, Make your Own Jeans will pay the shipping costs to ship your jeans to them so they can make replica jeans! Just imagine the possibilities. I am so amped...can you tell, lol. I'm already designing my first leather jacket and planning on designing at least 5 pairs of jeans...a girl can never have too many pairs of jeans after all, lol. So whether you're tall, small anywhere else in the fit spectrum, check out Make Your Own'll be glad you did. I know I am :-)

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Wish List Wednesday

The Universe conspires with your energy/thoughts/words/deeds to either kill your dreams/wishes or bring them to fruition. What you think about, you bring about. Make sure you do your part to make your wishes/dreams come true by thinking positively and acting courageously. Many thanks to Paulo Coelho and his book "The Alchemist". I read it years ago and it inspires me still.

In lieu of cutting up my fave magazines, I'm going to blog my wish list. None of my wish list items are so far out of reach that I can't attain them, and therein lies the joy of my wish list Wednesday. What do you wish for? Is it attainable? What are you doing to make your wishes come true? Sharing is caring ;-)

I'm loving everything asymmetrical and rough edged right about now and this Helmut Lang is both of those.

Fall in Chicago calls for sweaters and I just happen to love all kinds! Sweater capes, sweater coats, sweater cardis, etc. Whether printed or solid, a cute sweater is a must have, and I must have this!

Haute Hippie at ShopStyle

Nothing says glamour and fun times quite like a sequined dress. I must have several in many different colors but I'll start with this one...

T Tahari at ShopStyle

I love stripes...of all kinds. Whether horizontal, diagonal, vertical, it really doesn't matter. I love stripes on tops, scarves, coats and especially this dress...

Ella Moss at ShopStyle

Kaylee Tankus' designs are right up my alley. Edgy, drapey, asymmetrical...what's not to love?

Tankus at ShopStyle

Though I'm 5'9" and a half, I love platform shoes/boots like I like to breathe. They're easier and more comfy to walk in and they make anyone look amazing. These Sam Edleman's are high up on my style priority list.

Sam Edelman at ShopStyle

Nothing makes an Autumn/Winter statement like a signature coat, and with the cute ruffled hem on this sweetheart, nothing more needs to be said.

Calvin Klein at ShopStyle

That about does it for this first edition of my Wish List Wednesday. Perhaps next week I'll have some sort of theme. Until then....


Monday, October 25, 2010

Bornmonth Buys and Shop Therapy

Been a long time. I shouldn't have left you, without a new blog to...oh never mind, lol.

How is everyone? I'm pretty good and getting better all the time :-)

Today Chicago was sooooo beautiful! It was warm, sunny, easy, breezy and all around wonderful. It's hard to believe that soon October will be over and we'll be that much closer to the biggest shopping season of the year. Are you ready? I must admit that I did a lot of shopping (didn't pay full retail for ANYTHING) at the end of the summer, through my birth month and right on into October. I caught some great sales, found some damn good deals and did very little damage to my wallet. I'm right proud of myself :-) Add to that, I deserved to splurge because the past 18 months have been pretty difficult. All the more reason to treat myself (and my children) and not cheat myself...right? I knew you'd agree, lol. At any rate, would you like to see what I got? I know you do ;-)

Slithering serpent ring and serpent encased Ankh ring from Ebay.

Cocktail rings from F21.

Cocktail rings from Charlotte Russe.

More F21 cocktail rings.

Medusa cuff & scissor necklaces from Lulu's. Studded cuff from Delia's. Earrings from F21.

Infinity scarves & headbands from F21.

Wedges from GoJane. Black suede Converse from Delia's.

Oversized sheer black cardigan, splatter patterned tank dress, shirred skirt (I got it in purple) & zebra tank with cropped tee from Yesstyle.

Broken stripe F21 top.

Barry M. Crackle effect & Dusty Mauve nail polish.

Sephora complexion brush, L'occitane Red Rice skin care travel set & Giovanni Dtox soap.

Mabelline CorlorSensational Lipstain, Mabelline Falsies Mascara & Sephora small eye shadow brush.

$4 one year subscription to Glamour magazine.

And thus concludes the things I bought myself over the past few months and for my bornday (which was September 6th).

Last but not least are the very awesome bornday gifts My bestie got me...

Sleek Original & Storm Palettes.

Okay that really is it, lol. Until next time, ciao bellas.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorting it all out and putting the pieces back together


Things have been...rough. My brother Bryan passed away Wednesday, October 6, 2010. My emotions have been on a roller coaster ride. So much has happened in so little time. I was in a terrible car accident in May, lost my job in June, lost my mother last December, my younger sister has declared war on the entire family and my Sun is losing his ever loving mind. But...I'm okay. I cry, I pray and I carry on. I'm learning how to smile and laugh again. I'm learning how to find joy again. Slowly but surely, I am. I miss my mother and my brother. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that they are gone from this plane of existence. I'm still grieving but I'm also celebrating their lives. I didn't always agree with how my mother and brother lived their lives, but I now realize that they lived life on their own terms. They did things their way. There's much I can learn from them and the way they lived. I am so very glad for the time I had with them. I am so very glad that they are now past all of their pain and suffering. I still miss them...I will miss them for a very long time to come. But as long as I live...they live too. Rest in Power Judith McGee 9-6-56 to 12-7-09. Rest in Power Bryan Keith Roger McGee 9-9-84 to 10-6-10.