Monday, August 24, 2009

Back from Michigan! (Originally posted 10-10-05)

I had a fantastic time in Michigan boyeeeee!!!! I got to reconnect with some good people, eat some good food, see a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan, walk with the spirits, rest, relax and release. The house we stayed in was right on the lake and I could hear the waves kissing the shore from my bedroom.  

The neighbors were soooooo friendly, it was all love, it really was. The highlight of the trip though was reconnecting with Hannah and Senam. They have good good girlfriend potential for real. Senam is such a light.    

 I cannot get over how beautiful and wise her spirit is. Because of her I will honor myself more.  Hannah is one of the realest rawest women I have ever met. She takes no shit and she tells the truth straight up no chaser (much like me) and I love her for it. I also forgot how fun Mikey could be (I need to stop calling a 30 year old man Mikey, lol). Mike is one of the coolest muthufuckas I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He treats my anti-social ass better than I deserve.

It was such an honor and pleasure to be in the company of such wonderful people. All of our children were there too (6 in all) and when they weren't bickering they had a great time too.

 We roasted marshmallows over a bonfire (actually it was a fire in the barbecue pit the first night because there was no dry wood for a bonfire on the beach), we barbecued, we frollicked on the beach and collected some beautiful rocks, we played board games, Senam, Hannah and I had a powow on the balcony while watching the waves and sky, we did some stargazing, and just generally had a great time.

Now it was supposed to be couples and kids but Hannah's significant other coulnd't make it and the dude I'm "seriously" dating and brought along damn near ruined the trip for me...damn near, but no cigar. Despite his bullshit, I had a grrrrrrrrrrreat time! Mike says we're gonna do it again come the dead of winter, but this time it will be couples children. I don't know, I might wind up flying solo for that one.

Aside from all that, I took some really beautiful pictures but forgot to pack my notebook (sad face). I can't wait to go back and I will Mos Def stop being so anti-social. Maybe I'll have a get together at my house....a football party or something. Invite the crew over to chill and make merry. We'll see.

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