Thursday, August 27, 2009

I hate swine...the subhuman kind (Originally posted 11-8-05)

Is it just me or are all black people paranoid when it comes to cops? This morning while driving to work, there were cops every damn where. Now even though I hadn’t done anything, I felt guilty and afraid that without warning these dirty pigs were going to swoop down on me with merciless fury. I know that’s a little melodramatic….call it echoes from my revolutionary past life experiences. I don’t know but being in close proximity to cops makes my blood run cold. Behind my eyes I see the bullet riddled bodies of innocent men, women and children gunned down by crooked cops. I see the five-o directing fire hoses at peaceful demonstrators, children being tasered to the ground, billy clubs cracking black skulls open. Okay I know this is bordering on morbid so I’ll stop with the descriptions. The point is, I don’t trust or like cops. I never met a decent cop.

I dated a narcotics dick for a couple months last year and he was as crooked as they come. He openly admitted to me that he planted evidence on suspects, shook down drug dealers and confiscated money seized from raids. I was with him when he got the call that 5 of his equally crooked buddies were arrested by internal affairs. He was afraid they were going to snitch on him. He was also obsessed with me. He would call me 30 and 40 times a day asking me where I was and what I was doing, he always wanted to know what I was wearing...shit, on our fist date he masturbated my ring finger and told me I was "The One" and that he needed to get something to keep my finger warm. Talk about crazy. Oh, he was also in the army. I was afraid of his crazy ass. One night he got really drunk and tried to rape me. I knew if he succeeded there was no way I could go to the police because he's one of them, no one would ever believe me...

He was drunk as hell that night and acting stupid. He was also pissed because we'd been going out for a while (he considered 5 weeks a while) and I wouldn't have sex with him. I should have seen it coming. The man was so damn drunk that he could barely stand up but I swear he was like He-Man or some shit. We were lying on the bed (fully clothed) in his rec room watching Eddie Murphy dvd's. He started rubbing on me and trying to kiss me. I was not in the least amused or aroused. I still don't know why I decided to stay when I realized how wasted he was. Perhaps it was because he begged me...I like when they beg. At any rate, drunk as he was, I had to fight him off for over 5 minutes. The part that scared me was after he passed out from the struggle, I got up and took his gun out of the holster on the floor and put the muzzle to his head. Never in my life had I so strongly desired nor been so close to killing anyone. I swear I wanted to splash his brains all over that fucking room. But I didn't. That's life in prison if you murder a narc, maybe even death. I dropped the gun and just left. I didn't report it either. The next day he called me sounding nice as pie and asked me why I'd left. He didn't remember a damn thing. So I told him that he almost died that night and if he knew what was good for him he'd stay the fuck away from me.

He continued to call me every day 20-30 times a day for the next 2 weeks. I still look over my shoulder sometimes. But I digress….I cannot stand cops. Not just because of my limited personal experiences with them, but also because of all the things I have seen and heard. They are not to be trusted. Few of them are even human beings anymore. Just badges, guns and bad attitudes. God be with the next black man they pull over for "reasonable cause". We should all have dash mounted camcorders for our own safety.

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This is by far the illest one I've read yet. LMAO