Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lovely loc updates!

Dearest fair maidens, dashing divas and glamorous gals, how are you? Feeling fab I hope :-)

As you may know (by looking at my pics and watching my vids) I have locs! I started my loc journey on February 22, 2009. As of May 15, 2010, I am almost 15 months loc'ed and loving it! I have yet to do a beginning to current loc journey vid, but I have shot some loc update/retwist vids. I'll be posting my first ever loc vids along with two newer vids (though they were shot in November and December of 2009 respectfully). At any rate, I'm loving my journey and I love to share it with others and I love to witness the progression of other loc journeyers soooo, feel free to shar your links, pics, blogs, whatever! Enjoy these glimpses of my journey. Ciao bellas!

Loc Tales: My first official attempt at a home retwist

Loc Tales: Let's talk about products! (Part 2 of 3) 

Loc Tales: The reveal! (Part 3 of 3) 

My 9 Month Loc Update (Vid from November 2009) 

My 10 Month Loc Update & New Year's Eve LOTD (Vid from December 2009)





Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oldie but Goodie :-)

Dearest fair maidens, dashing divas and glamorous gals, how are you? Feeling fab I hope :-)

In lieu of brand new material (for now) I'm going to post a product review vid I did a while back on the Aveeno Positively Radiant Line. With summer around the corner, I know many of you ladies are looking to get your skin on point and thus, need to know what products work...and which won't. Soooo, take a look-see. Aveeno didn't really work for me but perhaps you'll have better luck. Ciao for now bellas!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Treat yourself, don't cheat yourself :-)

Dearest fair maidens, dashing divas and glamorous gals I am back and feeling much much better! My hormones have returned to normal and my non-retail therapy (yippee for sales!) has helped my mindset tremendously. This has been a lovely weekend and a great start to May here in Chicago. The weather has been mild and lovely and I am looking forward to flashing my long legs in some cute dresses and skirts and showcasing pretty painted toenails in cute peeptoes and gladiator sandals. But enough words, let's get to some pictures of my latest adoptees why don't we :-)

While in Target shopping for Bounty and Tide, I traipsed over to the shoe department to check out the oh so lovely Cynthia Vincent wedges that The Cheap Chica's blog post featured a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, my neighborhood Target was fresh out of those wonderful wedges but I did luck up these great Mossimo Pollyann Gladiators:

Are they cute and familiar or what? Familiar because they are almost an exact dupe (though less expensive at $22.99) for the pricier Steve Madden Kasidy Gladiators ($79.95 pictured below).


I've not had the pleasure of trying on the Kasidy Glads, but the Pollyann Glads were so cute, comfy and nice I bought them twice! The Cognac Pollyann Glads (pictured below) give me options ;-)


Don't you just love Target? Yeah, me too, lol. I also have my eyes on these cutie Mossimo Penny suede sandal booties:

These beauties are also cute, comfy and available for the super bargain price of $22.99. Very friendly for any Frugalista's/Recessionista's wallet. And because one can't rock cute open toe sandals without fabulously painted piggies, I copped some cute colors from Sally beauty Supply. I'm loving their Finger Paints nail lacquer because it goes on smooth and satiny and the colors are funky, flashy and femininely pretty. They're also on sale at buy two at $4.99 ($4.49 if you have a Sally Beauty Club Card) get one free. Sally is also selling off last season's Finger Paints colors for $1.99 each (also BTGO). I got these:

And that wraps up my weekend of treats for my fingertips and feet. I hope you enjoyed it my sweets...later!