Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Fear...

I am still here.
Doing what needs to be done...even when I don't want to do it.
But...I am still here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Words are not enough

You ever been so full of joy that tears pricked your lashes and static electricity raced the length of your spine? Have words failed to capture the magnitude of your peace? You ever felt powerful enough to blast your spirit right out of its flesh cage and launch it into the ether? I'm feeling like that today. I'm feeling that words are not nearly enough to describe the sheer wonder and excitement I have for this day. Today feels magical and magnificent. I woke up tired but full of....something.

All I can think is how grateful I am, how thankful I am to be here breathing, being, seeing, doing. I am the hope of my ancestors! Mmm mmm mmm. It. Is. All. Good. Hell, it's all GREAT! Good things are coming my way. All kinds of things. Change is coming...and I'm ready. I don't care what it looks like...don't really care what it feels like, I AM READY! I want CHANGE! I don't want anything to be the same anymore. I am NOT afraid! Maferefun Oya, because the changes have already begun! That's Ogun racing through my blood and clearing a path. Shango is firing me up right now! Ahhh, life is soooooo good! I give thanks!  Maferefun Egungun! Maferefun Eshu! Maferefun Oya! Maferefun Obatala! Maferefun Ogun! Maferefun Sango! Maferefun Ori! Maferefun Olodumare!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Fire

A spark
Like a flint bringing warmth and light to life
It came out of thin air
Out of what appeared to be random events
But this was meant
And there was a glow
It became brighter with the passage of time
Heating up
Darkness disspelled
Cold pushed back into the recesses
And the spark burst into flame
Hotter and hotter it became
Igniting more flames
An inferno erupted
Consuming but at the same time creating
And then...something happened
The heat started to cool
The flames became tame
No longer consumed or consuming
The fire waned
Is waning
One day only ashes will remain