Monday, November 29, 2010

Post Turkey Day...gobble gobble :-)

Greetings Dashing Divas, Fabulous Fashionistas & Stunning Styleistas! How was your Turkey Day? Mine was pretty damn good, I have not one complaint :-)

Well, the weather sucked, but hey, that's to be expected in Chicago around this time of the year. Speaking of which...Autumn is awesome! Despite the ever darkening Chicago skies, intermittent rain and dropping temps, I love Autumn. The trees are blazingly beautiful, fall fashion is in high gear and everyone and their momma is having a sale. A nice bonus is that this second to last quarter of the year is filled with good eating :-)

Since I haven't posted anything since last Tuesday, I'm going to catch you up on my Turkey Day haps.

On Wednesday, 11-24-10, my Sun, daughter and I took the train out to my grandparent's place in the far south suburbs. I decided to go out there early because I knew this Turkey Day was going to be especially difficult on her. With the passing of my mother and brother, my ill grandfather, and my younger sister declaring war on the family, I knew my grandmother's stress levels would be high and that she'd need the extra help. I'm glad my seeds and I could lend her a helping hand. I wasn't very glad to be on the train though...but you can't tell...

The children were tired, cold, bored and cranky. I was good though. Music will do that to you :-)
When we got to the house, we rested for a few and played with the demon dog... 

After catching our breath we worked until we were ready to pass out. I pretty much did. Thank my daughter for the picture, lol...

The next day, we got up and did more housework and food prep. By 2PM, family members started arriving and the feast was ready to be had. It was a good day with some good eating...

Fried turkey, cornbread dressing, mac & cheese, greens and mushroom roast beef.

Not shown is the seafood gumbo (I'm allergic), the candy sweets (me no likey), ham (I don't really mess with swine), and the desserts.

I didn't take many pictures because I was too busy feeding my face, lol. Here are a few though...

My baby brother

I used to bottle feed him and change his diapers, lol

My cousin Shara, cousin Malcolm and me

My cousin Kendall and I

My baby brother, Sun and daughter

I almost always wear my Kente print Dashiki on Turkey way of inserting a bit of culture into an otherwise anti-cultural day. This year our family get together was very subdued. It just wasn't the same with my mother and brother absent. I made sure I placed a plate for them and my egun on my ancestral altar. Well lovelies, that was my Turkey was yours?


PinkFrosting said...

Love it, I like the last pic with your kids and cousin, cute pic of you and baby brother!

The food looked so good. And Z has a pic with Chase(dog) on the top step just like that with his eyes

PinkFrosting said...

ETA:(correction) pic with kids and their uncle.