Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lovely Loc Update: 21 Months In!

Happy Monday almost Tuesday everyone! Today I celebrated my 21 month loc anniversary by shooting a loc update vid. Check it out will ya? 

Having locs is a test in patience, as I mentioned in my vid. I have learned so much about myself these past 21 months and my loc journey played a huge part in that. As my locs mature, I mature.Just like my locs are still pretty much immature, I am still immature in some ways. I look forward to continued growth and maturity both inside and out.

Also, as I mentioned in the vid,I don't manipulate my locs much. I haven't retwisted since June of this year, just washing, popping and going. I wash with Giovanni Triple Treat Tea tree Shampoo and I use Oyin Handmade's Greg Juice as a moisturizer. You can get more info on those products by clicking their names. The song playing in my video is Closer by Kings of Leon. You can buy the MP3 by clicking the link.

Thanks for reading/watching :-)

Later loves...


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Your hair looks absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it!! :)