Monday, November 29, 2010

Mixing Mediums...sorta :-)

Soooo, since I haven't done a LOTD post in a minute (I blame my lack of a photographer), I thought I'd share...because you care, lol.

Today was real blah. The weather was mild for the most part, but the day was so very gray and dreary. I probably should have gone bright with my outfit but I was in a more neutral mood. As I am prone to do, I played it safe, not really taking any chances, not doing anything overtly exciting. I blame it on the anal retentive straight laced Virgo in me, lol. One thing I am enjoying though is mixing different patterns. I'm actually proud of today's outfit because though very casual and neutral, I played around in a way the old me would never have done. There's hope for me yet :-D

Without further to see it, here it is...

Jacket and jeans = Gap

Infinity scarf and headband = F21

Green henley = Delia's

Sparrow ring = F21

Keyhole ring = Crossroads Trading Company

Brown plastic sparkle ring = Charlotte Russe

Nail polish = You Hue by Finger Paints

I love shirts with thumb holes

DIY key necklace

Bag = Delia's

Olive, khaki & yellow Converse One Stars = Alloy

And there you have it. Basic, comfy, neutral but still cute IMO. I loved putting the black/white plaid bag with khaki and Leopard and denim and oatmeal and gave me a real thrill, lol. What do you think? Progress?

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PinkFrosting said...

Lol, why did I expect to come in here seeing you talk about mixing mediums for makeup? lol

Anyway, love love the casual look! Looks str8 out of a mag. I also love the thumbhole on sweater!