Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

The Universe conspires with your energy/thoughts/words/deeds to either kill your dreams/wishes or bring them to fruition. What you think about, you bring about. Make sure you do your part to make your wishes/dreams come true by thinking positively and acting courageously. Many thanks to Paulo Coelho and his book "The Alchemist". I read it years ago and it inspires me still.

In lieu of cutting up my fave magazines, I'm going to blog my wish list. None of my wish list items are so far out of reach that I can't attain them, and therein lies the joy of my wish list Wednesday. What do you wish for? Is it attainable? What are you doing to make your wishes come true? Sharing is caring ;-)

I'm loving everything asymmetrical and rough edged right about now and this Helmut Lang is both of those.

Fall in Chicago calls for sweaters and I just happen to love all kinds! Sweater capes, sweater coats, sweater cardis, etc. Whether printed or solid, a cute sweater is a must have, and I must have this!

Haute Hippie at ShopStyle

Nothing says glamour and fun times quite like a sequined dress. I must have several in many different colors but I'll start with this one...

T Tahari at ShopStyle

I love stripes...of all kinds. Whether horizontal, diagonal, vertical, it really doesn't matter. I love stripes on tops, scarves, coats and especially this dress...

Ella Moss at ShopStyle

Kaylee Tankus' designs are right up my alley. Edgy, drapey, asymmetrical...what's not to love?

Tankus at ShopStyle

Though I'm 5'9" and a half, I love platform shoes/boots like I like to breathe. They're easier and more comfy to walk in and they make anyone look amazing. These Sam Edleman's are high up on my style priority list.

Sam Edelman at ShopStyle

Nothing makes an Autumn/Winter statement like a signature coat, and with the cute ruffled hem on this sweetheart, nothing more needs to be said.

Calvin Klein at ShopStyle

That about does it for this first edition of my Wish List Wednesday. Perhaps next week I'll have some sort of theme. Until then....



Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I do wish list wednesday too! My wish list wednesday button also includes a dandelion. Coincidence or were you inspired?

Adjua said...

My first WLW was inspired by The Secret, The Alchemist, a mood board in Glamour magazine, Wednesday itself and a desperate need to put emotional/mental distance between myself and the deaths of my mother and brother. My WLW image was found during a Google search. First page, second row, fourth image from the left hand side.

I don't recall ever having read your blog but I don't believe in coincidence either. I'll certainly check your blog now though. Thanks.

PinkFrosting said...

@Crissa, wouldn't it be possible for one to have the same font, template, and other images the internet has free and readily available to all?

As well as days listed on their blog such as WLW, Free Fridays, or Trendy Thursdays? Come on! At least one other person out there has to have it. I had no idea such fun topics were limited to one blogger... but moreso used for a blogger to remain consistent with updates.