Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorting it all out and putting the pieces back together


Things have been...rough. My brother Bryan passed away Wednesday, October 6, 2010. My emotions have been on a roller coaster ride. So much has happened in so little time. I was in a terrible car accident in May, lost my job in June, lost my mother last December, my younger sister has declared war on the entire family and my Sun is losing his ever loving mind. But...I'm okay. I cry, I pray and I carry on. I'm learning how to smile and laugh again. I'm learning how to find joy again. Slowly but surely, I am. I miss my mother and my brother. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that they are gone from this plane of existence. I'm still grieving but I'm also celebrating their lives. I didn't always agree with how my mother and brother lived their lives, but I now realize that they lived life on their own terms. They did things their way. There's much I can learn from them and the way they lived. I am so very glad for the time I had with them. I am so very glad that they are now past all of their pain and suffering. I still miss them...I will miss them for a very long time to come. But as long as I live...they live too. Rest in Power Judith McGee 9-6-56 to 12-7-09. Rest in Power Bryan Keith Roger McGee 9-9-84 to 10-6-10.


Chic Therapy said...

This is so sad to hear!I am really sorry for all you have gone through.I hope you find comfort in their memories!Stay strong girl! xoxo

Zarna said...

i am so so sorry. even though i've never met you hearing something like this is always sad and i will definitely be keeping you and those close to you in my prayers!


new2locs said...

Isn't it amazing how God gives you strength during the hardest times? I hear so much power coming from your words. Keep your hands in Gods hands & he will continue to uplift you! Be blessed

Copper Soul said...

Hoping to help heal with prayers. I know you couldn't talk much about decisions made during this time, and it hurts, but love will get you through. Much blessing forwarded to you, Adjua :)