Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sometimes I touch myself...(Originally posted Wednesday, March 30, 2005)

And when I do, I marvel at how good I feel. My skin is soft....I use dove moisturizing body wash (Lever 2000 after working out) and Johnson's baby lotion afterwards. Skin fragrant, tender and smooth.....sometimes I pretend my hands are His. Whose? Him, whomever He know, the one who will love it like I do....maybe more. I like searching, seeking, touching, exploring, just appreciating the suppleness of my shoulders, neck, arms, thighs, etc. Sometimes I touch myself to the accompaniment of music. I stroke my bare shoulders to the strains of Get Lifted Again by John Legend....on repeat. It makes me feel sexy and desirable. I caress my sides, ribcage and tummy to the sounds of John Coltrane's In a Sentimental Mood....thoughts of moon drenched shores behind my closed eyes. Damn, I'm so soft, can't get over how good I feel. My perfume drifts up to my nostrils when I cross my arms over my chest to caress the back of my neck, shoulders and back. Hmm, what words come to, sensuous, slender, soft, pliable, lush, deep, rich, intense, exciting, illicit, pleasurable, aroused, erotic, moans, taste, exquisite, touch, enjoy, pleasing, gratifying, rub, thrust, penetrate, fulfill, climax, quake, shudder, release.....

Mmm, one of these days my divine mate will manifest and he'll be like the following Talib Kweli song:

Talib] Let me holla at you

[Talib and Bilal] Can I talk to you?(x5)

[Talib] I want you, cuz you make my heart skip the beat that I drum to I want to be the one you run to, when pain confronts you You're everything, sometimes I get nervous when I'm in front you You can hear it in my voice when I ask you if you comfortable Look how love do, I'd practice the Art of War for you like Sun Tzu Come through and arouse you every morning like the sun do If you blackout and collapse I want to help you to come to Notice I haven't yet gotten to what I want from you I want you to come to when I come through and make you shine like the sun do I want you to be the valley for my river to run through You're everything, send your soul through your lips to my heart Sweet music will start I want you to be the muse for my art When people try to rip us apart we got to work to stay together Go through the seasons of love and never change with the weather This is my wish list, what I want not what I need there's a difference These days I'm learning that words got power so I'ma be specific

[Bilal] Can I have a talk with you? Can I make a dream come true? Can I be in love with you? Cuz I would if I could

[Talib] Yeah sunflower You must live in the infinite blackness that exists when I close my eyes I see you when I fall asleep, I see you when I dream

[Bilal] Lil' darlin' Set your soul on fire (lil' darlin') Be your one desire (lil' darlin') Lil' darlin' Can I talk to you? (lil' darlin') Lil' darlin', lil' darlin' Can I talk? (lil' darlin') Can I talk, can I talk, can I? Lil' darlin' (lil' darlin') Can I talk to you? (lil' darlin') Let him talk to you Set your soul on fire

Until then....I'll keep marveling at my own softness, loving myself and acquiring the elemental (knowledge & wisdom). Still pumping that John Legend...this song turns me on. Rest easy y'all.


Think Phreely said...

just remember, you asked for it LOL.

i like that John Legend interlude....i personally think he cheapened the experience by making it an exudes sensuality...sexuality...intimacy...all the things that i've written erotic prose about...and i'm sure to write more once i finish this post. this post aligns well with my poem "touched"...and it is honest...and fucking sexy...yeah i'm leaving now before i will have typed a Psalm of David in your honor or something.

Coppersoul said...

I think certain songs have vibrations that send you over your own soul and seemingly make you crazy enough to really feel as if there's someone with you. I am not afraid to say that I have felt what you felt. I think people make a big issue out of that as well, because of European society making us hate our own looks, our tune with nature, our inner being. Fuck all the dumb shit. I'm with you. Now the song that for me is Tweet's 'Heaven'.