Monday, September 14, 2009

I Am Becoming (Originally posted 12-16-05)

I'm not yet ready for "Him" because I'm still discovering me. How successful "He" and I will be depends on how well I know me. So I am not looking and I am not holding my breath. I am breathing...deeply. With each exhalation my fears disappear. I am being prepared. I am discovering, cultivating and loving me. I am evolving.

I am becoming

I can feel myself evolving, transitioning, changing

I am not whom I was when I woke up this morning

I can feel the deepening of my soul

I can sense the density of my spirit

I am becoming

I am an ever changing work in progress

Sometimes I regress but such is life

I think more, feel more, overstand more

I am learning to speak to the soul of the universe

I am discovering myself

I am learning to love myself, overstand myself, command myself, accept myself, forgive myself

I am becoming

I am experiencing my awakening

I am learning to accept without expectations

I am building

I am connecting and enjoying being connected

I am overcoming obstacles, forgiving those that have harmed me, blessing instead of cursing

I am becoming

I have peace

At night I can sleep

I am taming my carnal nature and embracing my instincts

I am heeding spirit, conquering fear and channeling harmony

I am loving, living, growing, bestowing upon others the gifts endowed to me by the Creator

I am becoming

I am humble

I am proud

I am learning to be still and discovering the value in silence

I am relinquishing my selfishness, diminishing my ego, increasing my patience

I am becoming


Darryl Mims said...

Wow! I really love this! I love the entire concept of the ever-changing Mother Earth. Always revolving and evolving. APPLAUSE!

Coppersoul said...

True Oya mantra. A constant, no matter what goes on, is change. And you adapt with all sorts of moves and shakes. I love, sweetheart. Then again, you already know how I am about poems such as!

Pryncess Poetiq said...

beautiful! my spirit became very peaceful while reading this.

MyLoveMyLife said...

thank u for ur comment on my i retook the test a nd passed with a 93.i got 1 wrong. lol