Friday, July 3, 2009

My debut!!!! (Originally posted on Friday, March 04, 2005)

Hot damn last night was so exilirating, so freeing, so much damn fun! I'm talking about my first time reciting at this spoken word spot I know of. I practiced all day but the butterflies wouldn't go away and I sounded so robotic that I thought about chickening out. But when I got behind that it was like I transformed into a completely new entity....almost like I stepped into a new identity. The crowd disappeared and it was just me and that mic. I spoke into it like it was the love of my life. I have never felt like that before...I felt so powerful and in control. I felt like I'd cast a spell over myself. It was just so damn....I don't know, incredible! I didn't ever want to stop, even after the piece I recited was over I wanted to keep on going. I think I've found my calling, I think I've discovered my true love! Caressing mics with the words poured forth from my windpipes, connecting consonants and verbs spewing them forth as spoken word....damn I want a mic right now so I can just come alive! I feel like I've been reborn! I hope my muse can keep up with my desire to speak, lol.

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FX Nozakhere said...

Wait why didn't you stay with it?