Friday, July 3, 2009

Just some thoughts....I guess (Originally posted Friday, March 11, 2005)

Today was one of those days where the mercury that monitors my moods went sky high, valley low and somewhere in between. This morning I felt like a queen bitch but such thoughts are absurd, lol. I'm not really mean, I just have a low tolerance for bullshit and I am prone to erratic mood swings (God bless Virgo women). I haven't done any real work all week; isn't that a shame? I've been spending most of my time writing and thinking (not on here though). I'm feeling like a mental midget right now; too much sugar does that to me. I just wanna curl up and go to sleep. I'm horny as hell. I live in a perpetual state of arousal. Damn if the myths about sexual peaks aren't true. I'm tired of masturbating....I wish I was in a relationship so I could have sex every day. Of course I'd need a man who's sex drive is as high as mine, lol.

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