Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wang, Prorsum, Kors...oh my!

Though these pictures are old, I can't stop ogling them and I must share. I'm sure you've seen it all before...


Alexander Wang can do no wrong in my book. He can go kick ass edgy and frilly and fem in the shake of a rose scented hankey. This here is straight up, down, across and all up in my alley! Mmm, all black everything, gotta love him!

When I think of Burberry I always think of those Virginia Slims cig ads because Burberry has come a loooong way. When I first became aware of Burberry, I wasn't very impressed. All plaid everything, stiff looking boring designs...those were my thoughts. Now I drool over their runway pictures. Sumptuous shearlings/furs/leathers, velvet, lace, feminine and edgy looks...Burberry has won me over.


How can one not love Michael Kors? His designs are fit for every woman (even if the price tags are not). Since I'm chameleonic (yes, I just made that awesome word up) in my tastes, I love that he is also chameleonic with his designs. I'm partial to edgy looks but I also like classical fem details. A sheath dress dress with cage platforms and pearls? I'd rock that, lol.

Just thought I'd share a couple of my current obsessions because sharing is caring :-)

Which designers/looks are you obsessing over right now? Share!


PinkFrosting said...

These looks are really hawt! And they are so you. You are quite the fashionista!

Dina's Days said...

Alexander Wang does no wrong in my book either.