Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Village Discount, Unique & Junior League!

It's that time again! I hit up three different thrift stores over the past few weeks and raked in some goodies! I also stopped by Crossroads Trading Company to unload a few things that I no longer needed/wanted (in order to fund my thrift addiction and other expeditions). Without further ado, let's get to it...

I*N*S*I*G*H*T (per the tag) = $2.50 at half off Monday at Unique.

This cute little light weight blazer, although a size 8, will be perfect for summer with my white jeans or a nice skirt.

100% Silk Casual Corner Blouse = $1.50 at half off Monday at Unique.

Given my love for stripes, I couldn't pass on this sweet little number. This can be dressed up with nice slacks and a blazer/added under a suit or dressed down with jeans, a denim jacket and some cute black leather moto boots/brown leather engineer boots.

(Can't make out the name on the tag) Dress = $3.00 at half off Monday at Unique.

Though I can't place the decade, there was no way I was leaving Unique without this vintage and COMPLETELY sheer gorgeous dress. It's so feminine (and a little tight) and delicate and just awesome! I'll mos def have to wear some kind of slip or something because like I said, it's completely sheer from the rooter to the tooter.

Ilie Wacs Blazer = $2.50 at half off Monday at Unique.

This can't be anything but vintage 80's awesomeness! As soon as I laid eyes on this blazer it was on and poppington! Though the sleeves are a bit short for me, I am still going to rock this like no one's business...yes indeed. Oh, and this blazer and the dress are made with good ol home grown labor.

100% Silk Joseph A Cardigan = $2.00 at half off Monday at Unique.

This cute chunky cardi was one of those right on time finds. My closet/rack are in dire need of warm threads for the sub-zero Chicago temps ahead, and this 100% silk (yep!) is sure to keep me nice and toasty.

Amber Sun Collection Knit Sweater = $3.00 at half off Monday at Unique.

Purple + Chunky Knit = Win...right? Yeah it does until you wash it and it gets lint on EVERYTHING! That's my fault though for not explicitly following the care instructions on the tag. Otherwise, I love this sweater. It mostly comes to my wrist and is nice and snuggly. Oh, and I LOVE purple.

Steve & Barry's Faux Sherpa and Denim Jacket = $3.50 at half off Monday at Unique.

Absolutely none of my fellow thrifters liked this jacket, but I did not and do not care, I love it! Denim and faux sherpa...what's not to love? Actually, I didn't love the way it smelled after I washed it. This thing smelled worse after I washed it than it did before and it also made everything else I washed it with smell awful too. I rewashed everything with double the detergent and a good measure of baking soda and peroxide and that did the trick.

H&M Black Blazer = $2.95 at Village Discount

After weeks of hunting I finally found the perfect black blazer! This beauty made my day, I may have shed a tear when I found it, lol. Bonus? It's machine washable, BAM!

(No Tag) B/W Marled Sweater = $2.50 at Junior League Thrift Store.

I have a love/hate relationship with this sweater. I love the fit, color and warmth of this sweater but I hate that it's itchy, hairy and it sheds on EVERYTHING! It's like a dog, lol. Very similar to the Joseph A cardi in terms of color, but that's where the similarities end. With a long sleeved undershirt, this promises to be a winter staple for me.

British Crown Colony 100% Silk Blouse = $5.00 at Junior League Thrift Store.

Oh.Em.Gee. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this vintage blouse! 100% sheer ivory silk, fits like a dream, slit tail back, hi/low cut hem...LOVES IT! The label on this blouse intrigued me, so I did a little research (Googled it) and found these interesting tidbits.

Magenta Foxcroft Blouse = $3.25 at Junior League Thrift Store.

My homegirl Naimah actually brought this hot magenta number to my attention. I wasn't going to get it at first, but in the end I did...and I'm glad I did. I love the color and think it will look amazing with my navy blue blazer. It fits well and it's wrinkle free...always a bonus.

French Blue Eddie Bauer Blouse = $3.50 Junior League Thrift Store.

Last but not least, a French Blue Eddie Bauer blouse. This is another of my fave colors and a wardrobe essential IMO. This blouse can also be dressed up or down same as the striped and magenta blouses.

Whew, that does it for this week's edition of Thrifty Thursday. I did pretty well once again and am, for the most part, very pleased with my finds. Have you gone thrifting lately? Find anything good? Let a sistah know!


mschicamae said...

That dress is the business, my favorite piece, followed by the striped blazer.

Mama Violet said...

Great finds! I love the blazer and the sheer dress.

I just read the comment above. We have the same taste.:)

Cortnie Elizabeth said...

Great finds! I'm especially loving the top 2 pieces.


Anonymous said...

Love these thrift finds!! That marled sweater is fabulous - the shedding, i could deal with, but itching is my worst nightmare. I cannot stand itchy sweaters LOL *sigh* all for the love of fashion ;)

just tututiny said...

Great haul, I love the blue sweater!

Hope you had a great holiday! Check out my blog today on my review of Sharp Hill Designs ;)

Fashion Bible said...

I love the blazer, the marled sweater and the pink shirt!
✝ Fashion Bible ✝

Anonymous said...

Cool finds :)

Nicole said...

@mschicamae: Loves that dress and blazer, they were two of my fave pieces from that foray! Weren't you there that day when I bought it?

@MV: Lol, two for two!

@Cortnie: Stripes are always a win :-)

@Haute PP: Yessss, isn't the sweater great? I cannot stand itchy ANYTHING! As long as I wear a long sleeved T underneath the sweater I'm usually okay. Thank you so much for your return visits to my blog, they mean a lot :-)

@just tututiny: I haaaate that purple (though it may look blue online) sweater now! When I washed it it turned into lint ball. Plus the arms no longer come to my wrists :-( I'm gonna give it away. Thanks for commenting!

@Fashion Bible: The pink blouse is awesome sauce, it's a perfect fit...the marled sweater too :-)

@Crystallized Elements: Thanks!

Chandra said... hauled in a nice little stash! Lovin' the stripes too and the sheer dress. New to your blog and hope you have a wonderful weekend :D

White List said...

You are fantastic!!!! Brilliant blog! Have a great weekend! :-)

Kat said...

Wow those are some great items you can mix and match with.

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