Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eye Spy: Lita, is that you?

Image via Google Images. Click image to purchase JC Litas via Solestruck.

I'm sure most of you fashion and personal style blog loving ladies are familiar with Jeffrey Campbell and his luscious Lita, but how many of you can afford or want to invest in what some are calling a fad shoe? Trendy or not, faddish or not, I want a closet full of Litas! Unfortunately, unemployment isn't conducive to my luxe shoe desires. That is until I came across these...

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And these...

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And all these...

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And Ohhh Emmm Geeee golly wow, these bad gals!

Leopard. Print. Camo. Wannabe. Litas. Now I really do not like cheap shoes, I mean my poor feet HATE cheap shoes....but these? THESE!?! I had to have them...and so I got them! Yep, sure did.

As soon as they arrived (shipping was quick, just a few days) I snatched them out of the box, put them on my footsies and stomped down my hallway like I was Naomi Campbell. I freaking love these shoes! I wore them out and about for 6-8 hours and strutted on carpet, concrete and hardwood floors and got nary a blister. Now, my feet did hurt after I removed them but that could be because I'm not used to wearing heels anymore. Not to say they're the most comfy shoes I've ever worn because they're not, but they were a lot more comfy than I expected. Here are the pros:

They're a reasonably priced dupe.
They're pretty light weight despite their chunky/clunky appearance.
They can be paired with just about ANYTHING.
They're GORGEOUS (IMO), not incredibly cheap looking.
Did I mention a fraction of the cost of JC's Litas? Yeah, that.


The fabrication is not at all durable. Mine came with a spot on them and when I tried to clean it off, I scrubbed a light patch onto the shoe. Treat these babies with a protectant of some sort and DO NOT GET THEM WET/DIRTY.
They will probably hurt your feet if you aren't used to wearing 5 inch heels. Get some Dr. Scholls gel inserts.
There is no grip on the bottom of these shoes and you just might slip and fall on slick surfaces.

These are mos def transitional/test shoes as they aren't durable enough to last as long as authentic JC Litas. All in all, I recommend these babies to anyone with Lita dreams living on a Walmart budget. Oh, I also found the same Leo print booties for a little less here, the black faux suede here, the black faux leather here and the strappy black faux leather here. Actually, has lots of JC dupes and a bunch of other cute stuff. It's a paradise of cute inexpensive shoes/clothes. Now if only I could find a dupe for these babies...

Image via Click image to pre-order.

Absolutely breathtaking right? That my dears, is the new JC Lita Spike. It is now available for pre-order at Please note, your card will be charged at the time you place your pre-order although the shoes won't ship until October 30th. Oh, shipping is free :-)

And that's it for this edition of Eye Spy. Have you spied with your little eye any interesting finds? Let a sistah know!


Jay said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, the boots from target are sue comfy!
I love the dupe pair you got, and if you find a dupe of the last pair, let me know!

That’s So Fletch
xo, Jay

Zarna said...

i love the jc spike litas!

Nicole said...

@Jay: You're very welcome, it's a nice blog. I just might try to make a DIY project out of those JC Lita Spikes.

@Zarna: I know right, aren't they the best?

Anonymous said...

they have the spiked ones now and a bunch of others :)

Yoselin Rebolledo said...

what can i use on the sole, so i wont slip?