Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brand New Day, Brand New Chance

So for many, today is the beginning of the new year. I acknowledge this simply because I live in America and we use the Gregorian calender. Unlike most I know, my new season doesn't begin until March 20, 2011, which is the day of the Vernal Equinox (first day of Spring in the northern Hemisphere). Spring is the season for rebirth/regeneration, thus, the perfect time for my season of new beginnings. So, though I have not made any resolutions for January 1st (never have and never will), I have goals that I am working towards accomplishing. When those goals are accomplished, I will set new goals and so on and so forth. Along with goals set and awaiting accomplishment, I have daily affirmations and monthly projects I work on. The most important thing I can do for my Self, is to be Self-approved. The body isn't much without a strong mind and spirit so I am constantly working to improve on the triad. One of the aids I'm using is Iyanla VanZant's book "Until Today". I bought this book sometime last year but never started it. Since the first chapter coincides with "the new year", I figured I'd go ahead and start it. Has anyone else read this book? Is anyone currently reading this book? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Today while blog surfing, I came across a wonderful blog post by Sally McGraw of Already Pretty that mirrors many of my daily affirmations. Sally's post titled "The big Secret", reminded me that in our daily lives (especially with being constantly subjected to damaging messages from mass media) we may have many seeds of Self-doubt planted in our psyches. A good way to combat this is to be Self-approved and the best way to accomplish this (IMO) is to use affirmations. To some it may seem hokey and lame, but for me it is the equivalent of a having a suit of shining armor, a shield and a sword. I can protect my Self from the flaming arrows aimed at my psyche and I can cut through all the BS that advertisers, etc. try to feed me about my Self image.But no matter how you do, take the time to honor the divine in your Self. Remember that you are exactly where you need to be and you are doing exactly what needs to be done. Everything will be just smile :-)

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