Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wish List Wednesday: All Leopard Everything!

For as long as I can remember (certainly longer than the current trend) I have loved animal prints. My top faves are Zebra and Leopard. In my opinion, Zebra and Leopard print are the new neutral. You can pair these prints with absolutely any color and if you're brave, other prints. Floral, paisley, stripes, you name it. In celebration of my fetish today's wish list is dedicated to the lovely Leopard!

Let's start with head gear. I love a cute hat, but the thickness of my locs won't allow for many chapeaus. This cute stretchy beanie is perfect though...

Free People at ShopStyle

For those really cold and casual days, I'm loving this Leopard trapper hat. Perfect for Chicago winters...

Juicy Couture at ShopStyle

Nothing moves me more than when two of my faves come together. This Leopard print infinity scarf is just what my neckline needs...

Tolani at ShopStyle

A skinny Leopard print belt is a wardrobe essential...your closet isn't complete without it. This belt can be paired with just about anything and make you look mahhhhhvahlous dahhhhling! Yes, I did just say that out loud the way Billy Crystal used to, lol.

Express at ShopStyle

I am imagining a beautiful red wool coat (any length) and these lovelies right here...smashing!

D&G at ShopStyle

The Leopard print sheath dress can do no wrong IMO. This dress can be worn on its own, tucked in a skirt and worn as a top, covered with a cardi/blazer or topped...with a top and worn as a skirt. Oh the things you can do with a Leopard sheath. Loves it...

Calvin Klein at ShopStyle

Though pricier, I'm also loving this make/model...

David Meister at ShopStyle

That's an awesome option for going out.

Another must have, IMO, is the little Leopard print faux fur jacket. Again, this paired with a red dress (I love red and Leopard print together) or any color combo is sure to give any girl the warm fuzzies (pun intended). I couldn't find this particular jacket on ShopStyle so just click the word jacket and you'll see my pick.

And that does it for this week's edition of Wish List Wednesday. What's on your wish list? Do you like animal prints? Are you lusting after Leopard like me?



Chic Therapy said...

I am not a big fan of animal print but i love the way fashionsistas have been wearing them recently

Adjua said...

Animal prints can be a tad intimidating but they can also be really fun. One print I can't get into is giraffe. Me just no likey...not at all. Thanks for stopping by Ms. Chic ;-)