Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just Call Me Easy

For me Sunday is bum day. That means I dress in sweats and do housework, read, watch tv, etc. I also tried to cleaned up a really wack nail job from the other day. Lately I've not much been into my tips, but for lack of anything better to do, I painted my nails. This was the result...

In my mind this looked all kinds of awesome but it came out really less than spectacular. I had no intention of taking it off and starting over however, so I just left it as is. This was done late Saturday night. By today, I was still less than thrilled with the look so I edited it. This was the result...

I'm still not all that thrilled with how it looks but it looks less wack than it originally did...I guess, lol.
Products used:
Orly Nail Armor (1 coat)
Sally Hansen Wet Cement (2 coats)
Sally Hansen Lightning (2 coats)
Sally Hansen Blue Me Away (2 coats)
Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat (1 coat)
Barry M. Instant Nail Effects Black Magic (1 coat)

I love the way Wet Cement and Blue Me Away go on, both of these polishes are smooth and dry pretty quickly. Though I didn't have to, I used two coats of BMA. It was opaque in one coat but I went with two. WC needed two coats because it was thinner and lighter colored. Neither of those colors streaked nor was there drag. Love them! Lightning is an Insta Dri color and thus, has a harder to work with brush. It went on a little streaky with a tiny bit of drag and required two coats (three would be better, but I refused). Though I'm no longer a fan of the Insta Dri's, I love Lightning, it's a very nice yellow. The Barry M. nail effects crackle polish was a tad bit difficult to work with for me. It's kind of thick, dries very quickly and doesn't spread well. If you go over the same spot twice you get streaks and drag. This will also affect how the crackle looks (shape and size of the crackle). I more than likely will not but the Barry M. again. I'm waiting for the OPI crackle polish to come out. Cannot wait! And that my dears, was a mini review for you ;-)

Sadly, this was the highlight of my weekend. I did little else other than housework, read books and watch shows I recorded on my DVR. What'd you do this weekend? Are you ready for Monday? I hope you remembered to set your clocks back an hour!


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loves the nail!!really cute