Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lovely loc updates!

Dearest fair maidens, dashing divas and glamorous gals, how are you? Feeling fab I hope :-)

As you may know (by looking at my pics and watching my vids) I have locs! I started my loc journey on February 22, 2009. As of May 15, 2010, I am almost 15 months loc'ed and loving it! I have yet to do a beginning to current loc journey vid, but I have shot some loc update/retwist vids. I'll be posting my first ever loc vids along with two newer vids (though they were shot in November and December of 2009 respectfully). At any rate, I'm loving my journey and I love to share it with others and I love to witness the progression of other loc journeyers soooo, feel free to shar your links, pics, blogs, whatever! Enjoy these glimpses of my journey. Ciao bellas!

Loc Tales: My first official attempt at a home retwist

Loc Tales: Let's talk about products! (Part 2 of 3) 

Loc Tales: The reveal! (Part 3 of 3) 

My 9 Month Loc Update (Vid from November 2009) 

My 10 Month Loc Update & New Year's Eve LOTD (Vid from December 2009)






Candice said...

I love your hair!! I am trying to decide what to do with mine. I haven't relaxed in some months and I rather not ever again. I'm stuck!

You and your locs are beautifu!

Copper Soul said...

As always, your vines are lovely :) let em continue to bear beautiful nappy fruit!

Anonymous said...

You hair looks great, I don't do a lot of product in my hair (I'm also natural - I guess) the only thing I do to my hair is dye the gray but outside of that, nothing else. I use very little product in my hair. Just natural coconut oil, shea butter and virgin olive oil. I also shampoo with a non-sulfate shampoo and I'm looking into getting a good organic shampoo or tips on how to make one. I just don't trust all those chemical they have in all these hair products nowaday. I just taking it back to the basics. My mother told me when she was a little girl her grandmother use to wash her hair with a cactus plant (my family is fron central america) and her hair would be so shiny and soft. I've always wanted to try that.