Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I hate this part

It's been a while since I've written...I mean really written. Lately, my words get stuck somewhere between my head, heart &  fingers. Tonight I am trying to relieve myself of this icky feeling I have.

I caught a terrible cold last Thursday. I suffered through the worst of it Saturday & Sunday but I'm on the mend today. Today I didn't go to work. I stayed home in bed and drowned myself in chicken noodle soup, hot tea & daytime tv. Seriously...who watches that shit?

Okay. I'm out of things to say for the moment. Blame it on the headache, stuffy runny nose and clock reading 11:58 PM.

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Coppersoul said...

You can't expect the people to be happy all of the time. I knew how you felt, and I wouldn't blame you if you wrote a line and a peace sign. I'm hping for your full recovery, and, also, the writing comes with time and patience :)

But then again, I'm sure you are a pro at this!

Just don't drink a soda on the side with the damned chicken noodle soup.