Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Sermon (Originally posted July 9, 2005)

I hear the rain and mouth your name
My full lips come to rest on the last syllable of the only heaven I know...
Your name
Behind my closed lids I invoke your image
Your smile has been seared into my subconscious
I contemplate the contours of your structure with my mind's eye
Your temple is sacred to me
I whisper my petitions along your holy halls and you gladly grant my requests....with fervor
I feel you...everywhere
My fingers become yours...
Delving into the dips and curves of my prone form
Who can appreciate me like you and I can?
You devour my giggles and grunts with equal relish
And afterwards...
We lay satiated on Egyptian cotton sheets outside under the knowing eyes of the universe...
We plot our lives in the constellations

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