Saturday, July 4, 2009

Love Scene...(Originally posted Friday, May 27, 2005)

I have a scenario playing in my head......

You and I are standing in front of a closed door

You turn and gaze at me with questions in your eyes

Instead of answering I turn from you, put my right hand on the doorknob and slowly turn it

The latch clicks and I push the door open

Before us lies a room swathed in semi-darkness

A large picture window provides a striking view of the black sky speckled with heavenly lights

A beam of cold, white moonlight reveals a large bed encased in red satin sheets

We stand in the doorway t
ransfixed by the sight

Hesitantly you take my hand in yours and lead me inside the room

As we cross the threshold music begins to play

The soft, sensual tune drifts around us easing the tension from o
ur bodies

I walk slowly over to the bed and caress the cool sheets with my trembling hand

Behind me I hear the sound of the door closing and the lock being engaged

You move stealthily across the room until you reach my quivering form

I feel your warm breath on the back of my neck

Your lips graze my bare shoulder and I jolt as if shocked

Your hands stroke me from shoulders to hips and my pulse quickens with anticipation

I close my eyes and bask in the heat of your nearness

I revel at the feel of your tongue on my collarbone

The sensation of your fingers undoing the zipper on the back of my dress elicits a low moan from my parted lips

Slowly and deliberately you push the straps down and off my shoulders

You tug the garment until it falls into a silky black puddle around my ankles

I stand before you wearing nothing more than my black lace thong and high heels

I hear the rustle of fabric as you take off your clothes

I shudder with expectancy

I turn around to confront you and find you completely naked

No longer are your eyes questioning me

You close the gap between us with one step and hungrily embrace me

You lavish my throat and shoulders with soft lingering kisses

I feel your erection pressing insistently against my abdomen...

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