Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Best Budget Gifts for the Holidays!*

 A guest post by Philip J Reed, on behalf of Aston Royal.

Don’t let the onslaught of Lexus commercials fool you into thinking more is more this holiday season. You can brighten a loved one’s day with gifts that are thoughtful, unique and affordable. Below are just a few gift ideas that can make the holidays merry and bright, without breaking the bank:

For the Kids

Hexbugs might just look like little robotic cockroaches, but their unique path-finding capabilities and their ability to right themselves if they get flipped over can make them more fun to play with than you might expect.  Their habitats can also be customized and expanded upon endlessly, giving them a greater longevity than you might find with some other toys. Hexbugs also appeals to a child’s imagination.  Just don’t let the dog get too close to them!  Available from Toys R Us

Movie tie-in merchandise is sometimes just a cheap cash-in, but every so often something just strikes you as a perfect gift for the lover of that particular film.  This replica of the futuristic hat worn by Marty McFly in the second Back to the Future film is definitely one of those! A great representation of one of the most iconic fashion accessories in modern movie history, this is a fantastic gift for fans of the film of all ages. Available from Entertainment Earth (out of stock but if you place an order it will be delivered when new stock arrives.

For Him

For the book lover in your family, consider investing in a Kindle.  The price has never been lower and even the least expensive models can hold thousands of full-length books. The Kindle can also support subscriptions to digital versions of his favorite magazines.  The sleek convenience of an e-reader can win over even the most skeptical bibliophile but be warned:  once you put this in his hands, you might never get it out again!  Available from Amazon.


Various prices
While it may be difficult to shop for clothes for the man in your life, a high quality flannel shirt can be a pretty safe bet.  With a large number of variations on color, pattern and cut you should be able to find at least one shirt that appeals to him and you’ll probably find many more.  Prices vary by size and availability of course, but this can very easily be an inexpensive and fashionable gift to add to any man’s wardrobe.  Available from Stetson

For Her

$100, $65
For an affordable and personal gift for the holidays, you might consider a cross pendant or a crafted Star of David pendant.  The pendants pictured above cost $100 and $65 respectively and  many more are available from Aston Royal. With a wide selection of beautiful pieces, you’re sure to find one that she’ll love. It’s a fantastic way to make this particular holiday season last forever.

The holiday season can be stressful, busy and of course, cold.  So what better way to help her unwind than a nice, warm, relaxing foot massage?  Give her the gift of rejuvenation that will last the entire year and beyond.  It’ll be one of the gifts that gets the most mileage, that’s for sure and its toe-touch controls means she won’t have to keep sitting up to make adjustments.  That leaves both hands free for a book…or a mug of hot chocolate.  Available from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Whatever you do this holiday season, take the time to pick out something you know he or she will really love.  It’s the season for giving and you can make it unforgettable with just the right gift.  Happy shopping!

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The kindle is a great price, esp for someone who just wants to read only.