Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: The Unique Edition

Another Thursday, another thrift store :-)

So on Monday of this week, my homegirl and I hit up Unique Thrift Store for their half off Monday special. I'd been to this thrift store a time or two before, but I never really thought much of it. This time however, I went with a more open mind and a goal. I had my heart set on some cute chunky sweaters, a vintage jumpsuit and maybe some blouses. I soooo scored some really cute pieces! First of all, I was up in the place acting like a mini June Ambrose styling people on the spot and giving advice and I squealed with delight every time I found a great piece. It was really quite hilarious, lol. Sadly, I didn't find my vintage jumpsuit but I did find these beauties...

Casa Maclia knit sweater - $2.50

This cute little number is a black knit with washed gold thread and mesh embroidered cocktail glasses. My homegirl hated it upon first glance, but was converted when I tried it on. I knew it was a keeper the moment I laid my eyes on it :-) 

Jones Wear tweed blazer - $4.25

I looooove this beautiful fuchsia/multi Chanel-esque blazer! I mean LOVE! The collar, lapels and sleeves have a frayed/unfinished hem and the fuchsia satin inner lining pleases me greatly...greatly I say! And even though it's a petite (le sigh) there's no way I couldn't take it home with me. 

New York & Co Argyle sweater - $3.50

I will always love Argyle print everything, it is a classic preppy look that will never go out of style (for me anyway). Though the lighting is horrid, this cream sweater is fab.

Tally-Ho plaid cardi - $2.50

Another picture with bad lighting, but don't be fooled, this Scottish-esque plaid cardi is sooo fantastic! It has beautiful gold buttons with a lion crest that just makes it look so rich to me. Not money rich, but culture rich. 

Eddie Bauer crochet sweater - $2.50

At first, I wasn't sure about this horizontal striped sweater because sometimes certain stripes make me look wider than I am. I stuck this baby in my cart anyway so I could try it on and guess what? It looks awesome on me! Oh, it feels good on too, nice and soft.

Nancy Bolen for City Girl vintage denim vest - $1.50

This cute little vintage denim vest gave me sooo much life! When I saw it on the hanger I knew right away it was mine. Everything about it is AMAZING! The buttons are white plastic with silvertone and rhinestone accents, the collar is trimmed in a silver and white snake print, the embroidery work is done in a beautiful silver thread and it has silvertone plastic studs and rhinestones. FABULOUS I tell you!

R (that's all the tag says) tweed blazer - $3.50

Again with the Chanel-esque tweed blazers. I tell you I just can't get enough of them, I just can't, lol. Though the light washes it out, this beauty is black and oatmeal with a gorgeous lace trim all over. It even has the spare button still attached to it. I'm probably going to swap out the plain plastic buttons for something more fabulous though.

Allison Taylor Woman 100% silk leopard print blouse - $1.50

There was no way I was leaving that store without this light as air 100% SILK LEOPARD PRINT BLOUSE. This blouse is some of everything I live for, I mean come on! 100% silk and leopard print for $1.50? You already know, lol. 

Christopher & Banks knit cardi - $2.50

Now I know this is a bold piece that not everyone will like but I don't care if no one else likes it, I freaking love it! This cardi fits like a dream and it is seriously cute on me. 

Sole' (tag says handmade) crochet sweater - $3

This is another piece my homegirl hated on the hanger but wound up liking when I tried it on. I had no doubts about this sweater's potential when I found it on the rack, I knew it was going to be a winner...and it is. It looks great on me. It'll look even better with some skinny jeans and boots or loafers. Or even a black leather mini skirt. Or black leather pants. Yep.

Maggy London 100% silk cropped blazer - $1.50

I'm still smiling about this little number. I am becoming a grade A thrifter, just stupid good, lol. This 100% silk, cropped, 3/4 sleeve, multi-print gorgeous piece of goodness was one of the highlights of my thrift haul at an unbelievable $1.50. I mean, look at it. You probably can't tell from the picture, but it is dreamy. Loves it!

Unknown designer blouse - $1.50

This blouse caught my eye because it reminded me of mudcloth prints for some reason. Though it's a few sizes too big for me and has horrid shoulder pads, I love it dearly. I'm thinking this is handmade because it has no type of tag whatsoever. It could be satin, silk or polyester...I really don't know as I'm not a textile expert. All I know is I love it.

Summit Hill crochet cardi - $2

Here's another button front cardi I just couldn't say no to. This one also has beautiful gold buttons done in an intricate twist pattern. The cardi sports faux pockets and is a tight crochet with dark blue trim all around.

Mossimo modern trench coat (not sure if that's what it is but that's what I'm calling it) - $4.50

Oh how I struggled with my decision about this coat! When I saw the color I wanted it bad. Unforyunately, it was a little big on me and I noticed a missing I put it down. But since it was half off I thought, why not. Then I noticed a stain on the I put it down again. Then I realized that I have no Cobalt blue in my closet since I returned those beautiful Cobalt blue Chinese Laundry pumps seen here. So I picked it back up, put it back in my cart and the already know. I plan to switch out the buttons and have the coat tailored to fit. A bit much for a $4.50 coat probably, but you do things when you're in love...with Cobalt blue. 

Brass and black bead earrings  - $5

Last but certainly not least, I present the cuter than cute brass and black bead stud/elongated arrowhead earrings. Just look at the engraving on these babies, don't you just love it? I certainly do! These caught my eye after I'd already checked out and was ready to leave...but I had to have them!

This was an EPIC thrift haul IMO, I did soooo well despite not finding my vintage jumpsuit. Good thing I'm going thrifting again next week :-)

Have you been thrifting lately? Find anything good? Let a sistah know!


simplychic said...

omg!!!! the sweater with the cocktail glasses is the BEST!

p.s. you did thrifted thursday, and i did throw back thursday showing off a thrifted dress :) great minds do think alike...

Winda Tiodang said...

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bridechic said...

J'adore the Chanelesque jackets and prices accompanying. You did a great job of finding some really gorg chic . . .