Sunday, October 9, 2011

Been a long time

It's been the better part of a year since I've written here. I wish I could say things have gotten better but alas...

Well actually, I suppose my attitude is somewhat better...for the most part I guess. At any rate, I came across the loveliest, lust worthy military inspired Zara coat today while surfing Easy Fashion. Can I just tell you how badly I want this coat? I want it so bad, that I'd be willing to sell my teenage Sun for it. Okay, maybe not that bad, lol. Anyway, would you like to see the lust of my life? Check it below:

Image from Easy Fashion

Might I add that I appreciate the overall styling in this picture. I'm just betting that the sweater underneath this fabulous coat is nice and slouchy and warm just how I like my sweaters to be. A very simple outfit that I am going to do my best to replicate. 

And for those interested in an update:

My skin is even messier now than it was before. Just a horrid wreck of scars, new acne eruptions and overall fugliness. Not sure what's causing all the commotion because I stopped using my Clarisonic ages ago. I may even sell that damn thing, not sure yet.

Still no resolution to my personal injury lawsuit. I've not heard from my shit lawyer or any of her minions in over a month and my feelings wouldn't be hurt if she were...expired somewhere.

I am still unemployed. I had a job offer that seemed stone set, but not so much now. 

I still don't have a car. Walking isn't so bad though because my legs are looking quite nice.

And...well, that's it really. My attitude right now is one of sarcastic cynicism tinged with a tiny bit of cautious optimism. Sounds interesting right? It bloody well is. Oh the language? I'm reading Great Expectations and I've Dickens on the brain. Loves it! Cheerio mates!

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