Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Paper Crown fit for everyday fashion queens? *Update*

So now that Lauren Conrad has conquered reasonably priced fashion via Kohls, she is set to release a new contemporary line called Paper Crown. The Paper Crown line's price point will range from $140 to $300 and will feature boyfriend blazers, maxi dresses and blouses. There's no word yet on what retailers will be carrying the line, but I'm thinking Macy's might jump on it.


I haven't tried any of LC's pieces from the Kohls line, but I have to say that the above pictures are tempting me to want some pieces from Paper Crown. Alas, it all depends on the fit. I'm no size two and I find that LC's clothes aren't exactly curve least the Kohls line wasn't. I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

What say you? Have you bought any of LC's Kohls pieces? Does this new line intrigue you?

You can go to to see the entire Paper Crown Lookbook.


Beautiful Sundays said...

Never bought any LC's Kohls pieces but that Blazer in the first picture is definitely calling my name

Krystal said...

I loooove those pieces...must go investigate!

Adjua said...

@Beautiful Sundays: I love that blazer too! I've been trying to find some inexpensive but cute and well fitting blazers to add to my wardrobe but no such luck yet. That camel color is fawesome!

@Krystal: That's the first thing I thought too, lol. Just those three looks was enough to make me uber curious about what other goodies the line would boast.

Tina Phan said...

Adjua, I love that middle look with the maxi dress and cute. Too bad I look like a tiny squat gremlin in maxi dresses.