Friday, January 21, 2011

Better than good Friday!

This Friday is a great Friday because #1, I'm feeling better! My antibiotics must have decided to kick in because I can breathe through my nose and the solid block of congestion that took up residence in my chest almost three weeks ago is dissipating. I'm so relieved I don't even have the words to articulate it...I'll settle for a nice deep breath *breathing deep*

Thanks Apothica!
#2, I got my Apothica order today! I am really really impressed with how quickly this order arrived...I mean, I just placed the order late Wednesday afternoon. I can't wait to test the Sheseido moisturizer and play with the Stila Color Wheel tomorrow. I'll make sure I do a FOTD post tomorrow using the Stila palette.

The two products actually arrived separately; the Sheseido moisturizer came via UPS (from Cosmetic Mall) and the Stila Color Wheel came via USPS Priority (direct from Apothica). That was kind of disconcerting because had I not been home, the Sheseido product would have been sent back to the UPS sort facility for redelivery. I'm assuming that Apothica may outsource for products they don't have in their warehouse at the time. Though I understand things happen, I'm hoping next time I place an order my products will be shipped via USPS Priority as stated on the Apothica website. Other than that, I have no beef! Both packages were securely shrouded in bubble wrap, arrived undamaged and sooner than I expected.  

In other news....

Two coats of Foxy Lady by Milani
My third Milani of the month didn't turn out so well. I applied it last night and today it looks like this...

The other hand looks even worse. Though I love the colors, the brushes and the smoothness of the formulas, I just can't deal with how long it takes for these polishes to dry. Perhaps this is why they have sat for so long unused on my nail polish rack. I'll either have to learn to be completely still for an hour or two after I do my nails or stop buying Milani polishes. Does anyone else have an issue with Milani polishes?

My other issue is with NYX eye shadows.

*Begin rant*

I haaaaaaaate NYX eye shadows sooooooo much! They are chalky, way too soft and too many of them have horrible color pay off. I have tried with NYX, I really have, but they just can't have anymore of my money (for eye shadows anyway). I bought 43 of their single shadows during a sale they had back in 2008 ($43) and bought their box of shadows a few weeks ago ($35). I wound up giving the singles to my daughter in 2009 because I couldn't do anything with them. She in turn gave them to her cousin because she said the colors didn't look good and barely showed up on her dark skin. I'm not sure what I'll do with the box of shadows because my daughter has enough of my cast off makeup, lol.

You may wonder why I gave NYX more of my money in the first place....well, I thought perhaps my first experience was a fluke. Perhaps those single shadows were sold off cheap because they were part of a bad batch. No dice. They're just crap shadows. Sorry NYX, no bueno. I love NYXblushes and glosses, but their shadows are worse than Coastal Scents if you ask me. 

Despite the poor quality of the shadows, I still created an okay FOTD...

I used three different shades of purple eye shadow for this look. I lined my waterline with Sephora's Flashy Liner in Deep Black and smoked out my lower lashline with the same shade of purple that I lined my upper lashline with. My cheeks were treated with Milani's Mineral Blush in Sunset Beach and my lips were covered with Mabelline ColorSensational Lipstain in Plum Flushed (topped by a Revlon gloss called Bronze Sensation). Even with my Sigma brushes, this was a chore to pull off. Not bad looking though if I do say so myself :-)

That's my Friday thus was yours? Any big plans for the weekend? 

I'll holla ;-)


April K said...

try painting your nails on a day when you don't have anything to do in the morning. whenever i paint my nails at night they always always get messed up! did you try using a primer for your NYX eyeshadow? it really helps the shadow stick to your skin and show up better. the Stila palette shouldn't disappoint you though!

Adjua said...

I usually paint my nails at night when I think I'm done for the day, but I can't sit still, lol. The Poshe base and top coat I use usually have my nails dry lickety split but for some reason the Milani polishes are being difficult (grrr).

My primers of choice are Two Faced Shadow Insurance and ELF Mineral Primer but even with these primers, the NYX shadows are just crap. I like my Mabelline and ELF shadows better than the NYX. I'm mos def looking forward to playing with the Stila's my first "high end" shadow palette :-D

Thanks for reading/commenting!

Niki said...

Thought it was just me @NYX eyeshadows! I bought a set of 30-something because I'm not a makeup persons and wanted to get an idea of what suited me but dang, some of the colours (especially yellows and oranges) don't show up at all.

Adjua said...

@Niki: No ma'am, it isn't just you, lol. I think the ELF shadows are better than the NYX shadows. I have all three of the ELF Beauty Encyclopedias ($5 each) and all the shadows (powder only) show up wonderfully with a good primer. I use the ELF Mineral Primer which is $3 and Two Faced Shadow Insurance which is $18 at Sephora. The ELF primer is just as good as TFSI though so don't feel you have to get the more expensive primer. What's more, the ELF shadows are a fraction of the cost of the NYX shadows. Some of the ELF shadows are a tad too powdery/chalky, but they still give really good color payoff. I recently ordered the $10 100 color palette from ELF on the word of my bestie Shan. I'm looking forward to playing with it when it arrives. You might want to try them out and save yourself some money sis ;-)

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Shan (Gimme That!) said...

I still love the look you managed to come up with. Reminds me of berries. :)

For some reason milani polishes can be hit or miss. I had the same issue with a red one I used.

Beautiful Sundays said...

ooh eye like it too

Lunettes de soleil Armani said...

so nice,thanks