Thursday, January 21, 2010

17 of 30


It started when the stars came out
You and I on outdoor blankets laying about
Counting constellations
Plotting our journey with blades of grass and tree bark
The moon caressed us as you caressed me
My skin milky brown in the glow of Earth's satellite
Your lips full with spoken promises and as yet unspent kisses
My mouth beckoning and delicious
My summer dress moving in the breeze and your exploring hands
Your fingers fondle their way to my tiny pink panties
I giggle back moans and inhale your cologne
Your tongue tickles a trail from my bottom lip to the very end of my collarbone
I no longer care if we've remained alone in our dark corner of the park
There is just the breeze
Your fingers and tongue
And Earth's satellite watching my universe expand

1 comment:

Copper Soul said...

I came.

Lol just kidding! This was ooooh tantalizingly sweet! Mmm!