Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 of 30

I recently accepted a challenge created by one of my twitter friends called 30 in 30. The idea is to write/post a new poem every day for 30 days. This promises to be very interesting for me seeing as how I've been going through some personal struggles as of late. At any rate, here's my tenth offering...


HE came along when everyone else was leaving
When everything was falling apart, HE picked up the pieces
HE fitted ME and them and HIM together like jigsaws
HE loved ME more than I loved myself at the time
HE told ME I could do anything and I believed HIM and started doing everything
HE helped ME fly by telling ME not to look down
HE was there for ME during some of my most challenging times
HE  introduced ME to Goodie Mob, OutKast, self-love, philosophy, tenderness, spiritual sex and simple pleasures
HE told ME I was beautiful all over but most importantly and most beautiful on the inside
HE kissed my stretchmarks as willingly and as often as HE kissed my lips
HE wrote ME poetry and chewed the gum out of my mouth
HE spread sunblock on my bronze skin and spread my legs and let HIMself in  
HE loved my children and read them bedtime stories and tucked them in bed at night
HE had character, integrity, dignity, honor, HE kept HIS word, never lied to ME and never cheated on ME
HE is the main reason I will never turn my back on black men
HE set a standard, HE showed ME how it's done
HE never let ME quit anything
But HIS heart quit on HIM
Had HE lived, perhaps WE'D have had more pretty long limbed babies with HIS determination and laugh and my strength and eyes
WE exchanged rings...I still have both of mine
WE made promises to each other but HE passed away before HE could keep HIS promises
I miss HIS lips quoting Malcolm and Aristotle
I miss HIS fingers on my collarbone
I miss HIS nose deep in books
I miss running my fingers through HIS waves
I miss watching HIM play basketball...HE SOARED
I miss HIS hand in mine
I keep HIS picture in my panty drawer and HIS memory close at hand
HE was an incredible man
I'M invoking HIS name in hopes that HE will know that though HE is gone...
HE will never ever be forgotten

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Soul Of Copper said...

What's not to miss of a man you so desire and cannot replace? It's even more painful that you kind of still search for someone to take that place, or at least be better than. Maybe even a facsimile. I could be wrong. Good poem.