Thursday, December 17, 2009

2 of 30

I recently accepted a challenge created by one of my twitter friends called 30 in 30. The idea is to write/post a new poem every day for 30 days. This promises to be very interesting for me seeing as how I've been going through some personal struggles as of late. At any rate, here's my second offering...

I'm shutting down for a while
When I get too angry or sad...
I just shut down
I don't want to feel or think
I just want to be
Sometimes I don't even want to be talked to
I'm just through
Through trying to please you, you and you
Through trying not to say the wrong thing
Through feeling too deeply
Through trying to disguise my disgust
I just want to be new name is apathy

1 comment:

Soul Of Copper said...

Mood swings do just that..."Swing" at the head of a good vibe, sometimes. Poetry is also found to be the mood swing killer. :) Apathy isn't the best feeling, if one at all. But, one must be left to their devices when refuting.