Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to kill a man (Originally posted 12-22-05)

Tell him that while you were having sex with him you were pretending he was someone else. Tell him you were pretending he was your 5 years dead soul mate. That's what I did tonight. I killed a man tonight. I am a cold, cruel, heartless, evil, insensitive cretin. A part of me hates what I did to "O" tonight but a part of me feels he deserved what he got. I loved his selfish ass and gave him the best of me and he thanked me by shitting all over me. One good shit deserves another right? Wrong. Two wrongs just equals wrong squared. Karma is going to kick my ass for this. "O" may be a selfish rat fink bastard but he was honest about being a selfish rat fink bastard. I destroyed a piece of him tonight with my little revelation. That man loved me in his own way but because he didn't give me what I wanted how I wanted it, I crucified him. He hates me now. He won't speak to me. He told me never to contact him again. I think he means it this time too. I fucked up, I mean really fucked up. I've said some really horrible things to him before and he always forgave me...after a while, but this time I went too far.  I'm sad now. He has a bad heart and high cholesterol. I would hate for him to....leave and we have bad blood between us. How do I make it right? I am so sorry.

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